The Mind Museum

JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue | Bonifacio Global City , Taguig City , Luzon 1634 , Philippines
in Taguig City Metro Manila Luzon

Science comes alive!
Map of The Mind Museum

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Best Features

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This Jollibee is an ideal venue for children's parties since it is right beside Science in the Park.

Science in the Park
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This is a thousand-square meter outdoor source of science fascination. Visitors learn science by rediscovering anew, through play, the wonder of nature’s elements: sunlight, wind, water and greenery. The park consists of four main play pockets: Water, Math, Music, and Living.

Atom Gallery
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The Atom Gallery is the gallery with the most number of interactive exhibits. It contains the very elemental forces that are so familiar that we take them for granted like gravity and electromagnetism.

Earth Gallery
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Universe Gallery
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Life Gallery
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The Life Gallery features the exuberance of a living planet in all its forms. It features the various habitats that nurture an astonishing number and kinds of organisms. This gallery also features the inner spaces that inhabit this life in the form of molecules called DNA.

Technology Gallery
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Meet MIMO at the Technology Gallery.

Science Exhibits
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Inner-Space Track
JY Campos Park


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Map of The Mind Museum

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