Cintai Corito’s Garden

100m past Balete Arch | Sitio Pandayan , Balete , Luzon, Philippines Hotel amenities
in Balete Batangas Province Calabarzon Region Luzon

Cintai (pronounced "Chin-tai") is Indonesian for the word LOVE. The Garden started out as an ordinary private family rest house that the family visited every weekend. In 2005 however, their mother Corito was diagnosed with a ... See more
Map of Cintai Corito’s Garden

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Best Features

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Executive Villa
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This is the biggest villa available inside the Garden. It has its own jacuzzi, bar, terrace and pocket garden which you can enjoy. You may also have your meals served straight to your terrace so you can dine al fresco and enjoy nature.

Garden Villa
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This Villa has 3 queen-size beds (2 regular ones and a poster bed), a day bed with table setting, a personal bar refrigerator and it’s own terrace outside. This is perfect for groups and families.

Terrace Villa
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This villa has 2 queen-size beds, bathroom, a personal bar refrigerator and its own terrace outside.

Abadi Restaurant

This hall is surrounded with sliding doors should you wish for your function to be closed. However, you can also have it opened if you want to use the small area with the view of the swimming pool. It also boasts of a creatively crafted wood design ceiling and colorful Indonesian chandelier. This area can house 80 pax if it’s a buffet set-up and 100 pax if it’s a sit-down affair.

Cabanas and Trellises
Colorful Bar Overlooking Pool
Deluxe Villa

This villa has 1 queen-size bed, bathroom, a personal bar refrigerator and its own terrace outside.

Garden Area Overlooking Pool

This area can be used for a garden wedding reception or the cocktails before the the dinner reception It has its own bar and a stunning view of the pool

Gazebo with Garden

This setting is perfect for Christian weddings because you can use the gazebo for your wedding rites while your guests are seated on the garden. The gazebo is also Bali-inspired just like the two main pavilions. It boasts of authentic tegula roof tiles, elegant scones and hand carved roof edges.

Kid's Playground
Napas Pavilion

This pavilion is the newest addition to Cintai. It is open air and perfect for garden weddings. This pavilion is surrounded by hand carved walls and accents. We also have occasional yoga and meditation sessions in this wonderful open space.

Pavilion Tresna

This is the biggest event area offered in the garden. It is an elegant and spacious ballroom with metallic black flooring, authentic sandstone “Gebyok” doors (traditional Javanese-carved teak wood doors), intricate lattice works and an amazing set of authentic “Joglo” ceilings complimented by 2 magnificent chandeliers. The ceiling artistry is unique and timeless because of everything is hand-carved. To top if all off, it is surrounded with hand-carved massive wall designs. This function area has a capacity of 180 pax if it’s a buffet set-up and up to 200 pax if it’s a sit-down affair.

Shower Area and Changing Room


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Map of Cintai Corito’s Garden

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