Coco Beach Resort

Coco Beach at Behija , Puerto Galera , Mindoro, Philippines Hotel amenities
in Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro Province Mindoro

Coco Beach Island Resort is a sprawling 10-hectare beach resort with facilities made from all-natural materials...

Coco Beach Island Resort is a natural paradise with tropical rainforests and beautiful secluded beaches, located near Puerto Galera Island of Mindoro, 100 km south of Manila. It is a tropical estate by the sea. The growth of the ... See more
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Almost every little thing inside a Coco Beach room is inspired by Filipino Tradition. This pendant light at the balcony looks like a salakot -- the traditional wide-brimmed hat usually worn by farmers and fisherfolk as protection against sunlight when they are working. #cocobeachislandresort #puertogalera #beach #filipino

Silent Pool
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Our more secluded and private pool is the Silent Pool located on the top of the hill. It has a great view of the sea, a jacuzzi and a bar. This pool is more exclusive and as the name suggests, we highly encourage you to keep silent. Shhh...

Deluxe Room
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The rooms are small compared to other Deluxe rooms but it gives more intimacy for couples who want a more privacy. The rooms have its own balcony with a splendid view of the sea. Overall, the Banana Deluxe House simply spells nature, intimacy and simplicity...

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CoCo Beach is a 10 ha.nature resort with bungalows and facilities, all made from natural materials. Four restaurants, 87 rooms, shopping arcade, massage and even a doctor's clinic. Tennis court,sport facilities, 800 square meter swimming pool and a great well equipped diving-center. Everything lends perfectly with the nature. All constructions are made of natural materials. In this "paradise" on earth, no vehicles, or any other noise, but the sounds of nature, is to be heard.

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Heritage Room
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Aptly called Heritage, the twelve rooms here are named and designed after indigenous tribes in the Philippines. The traditional cloth of the tribe is used to design the room. The air-conditioned, loft-type rooms are furnished with three queen-size beds and two day beds. Each room has a television, separate toilet and bath with hot water. The Heritage is set amidst a garden located at the back of the Shopping Arcade and main restaurant. Its balcony appears as though it is an extension of the garden, and the garden an extension of the balcony.

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Hilltop Room
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Located quite nearly on the topmost part of the hill, the Hilltop cottages offer a fantastic view of the sea & the surroundings. The cottages are furnished with a queen size bed, hammocks, separate bath and toilet, hot and cold water and a balcony. Selected cottages have another floor which has two double beds, ideal for families! The Hilltop cottages are near the Silent Pool & Coco Grill. As it is our "highest" rooms, it also requires you to be capable of going up several steps - the view is worth every step!

Carabao Restaurant
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Carabao Restaurant
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We welcome you with a cool coconut juice drink at our first and main restaurant as you step foot in Coco Beach. The restaurant is named after the ever dependable Carabao. Breakfast is usually served here everyday with one of our cooks in full uniform will be there to make your fresh omelette from the chicken who had to wake up early to lay those eggs.

Value for Money
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Standard Room
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Like all the rooms, the Standard Rooms are made with natural materials. The Standard Rooms have no sea-view and are situated at the back of the resort near the tennis and basketball court. The rooms are adjacent to each other like an apartment row.

Coco Grill
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Enjoy flavorful Asian cuisine at the Coco Grill Restaurant. Nestled amidst the Banana Village on the hillside which offers a spectacular view of the ocean and on clear, cloudless nights, one could see the flickering lights in the coastal towns of Batangas. The Coco Grill Restaurant reinvents itself with a new menu composed of delicious dishes from China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea & Brunei.

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Parents can of course enjoy their holiday knowing that their children are having fun and being taken care of.

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Water Sport
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Suite Room
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Suite Rooms are furnished with one queen size bed, two day beds with a sitting area. Slide the doors and the master bedroom is separated from the receiving area. It has it's own private toilet and bathroom and it's own private balcony and of course there is a hammock.

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Tennis Court
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Airport Shuttle
Barracuda Bar and Music Lounge

It's a nice place where you can relax and watch the world pass you by during the late afternoon, or after dinner. Listen to your choice of great music, and sip cool drinks prepared by our bartenders.

Coco Cinema
Dona Lina Restaurant

Experience fine dining in the only revolving restaurant in the island and one of the handful in the country. Watch the Chef make your three to five-course meal in the middle of the restaurant and be attended by well-trained staff. A perfect place for a nice, quite and romantic dinner!

Dry Cleaning Service
Function Room
Jeepney Cable

Go up the Silent Pool, Coco Gym and some of the cottages with our unique cable car designed like the traditional Philippines jeepney.

Jewel of Mindoro Spa

Pamper yourself with the very best of nature wrapped around your body. Soothe your mind and soul. Calm your senses. Let time stand still. Rejuvenate your body.

Main Pool

Our lagoon-shaped main pool is located at the center of the resort and only a few feet away from the beach. Swim or sunbathe and enjoy all sorts of activities at the pool like pillow fights, pool volleyball, scuba and swimming lessons! Beside the main pool is the small Children's Pool with a slide.

Shopping Arcade

A vacation wouldn’t be complete without shopping. Coco Beach makes it easy for you to buy gifts or pasalubong you can bring home for your friends and relatives as well as those you can keep as souvenirs. We house products of the Mangyan Project which are authentic native finds such as bags, baskets, and coconut lumber crafts. We also sell hand made coco soaps in different variants which are hand-made. You can also buy different accessories made from fine Philippine Pearls.

Tour Desk
Tourist Spots Shuttle
Trattoria Sotto Le Stelle

Specialty of the house is pizza and grilled chicken! For lunch, choose between seven different kinds of pizzas – Bianca Focaccia, Margherita, Prosciutto, Pepperoni, Vegetarian, Quattroo Stagioni and Marinara.



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