Court Meridian Hotel

Hotel website Lot B Waterfront Road Corner Rojas Street , Subic Bay Freeport Zone , Luzon 2222 , Philippines (Formerly Courtyard Inn) Special Offer COMPANY EVENT PACKAGES
in Olongapo Central Luzon Region Luzon

A home away from home - that is what the guests say about COURT MERIDIAN HOTEL.
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A home away from home, that is what most of our guest say about COURT MERIDIAN HOTEL. Located right at the center of Subic Freeport, along waterfront, our Hotel takes pride in it's 67 spacious and fully furnished luxury guestrooms, equipped with superior amenities. Our facilities and services are designed to give our guests maximum comfort and convenience. Housed in a very quiet environment, close to the seas and nature, COURT MERIDIAN HOTEL has become an ideal place for tourist, nature lovers and people wanting to unwind from the daily pressures of work. Away from the hassles of noise and distractions, our Hotel makes a perfect choice from team building sessions, strategic planning, seminars and social events. More than that, our staff go out of their way to give our guests, personalized, warm and gracious service, such as that their stay in our Hotel becomes a truly pleasurable and memorable experience.

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Front Desk
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Deluxe Room
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31 Rooms (1 King sized bed or 2 Twin sized beds) 2 -4 persons

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Value for Money
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Water Sports
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Executive Suite
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5 Rooms (One Bedroom-1 King sized bed or 2 Twin Beds with Living Room) 4 - 6 persons

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Super Deluxe with Veranda
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16 Rooms (1 King sized bed or 2 Queen sized beds) 2 - 4 persons

Superior Room
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9 Rooms (1 Queen sized bed) Max. of 2 pax

Aresi Restaurant and Bar
Business Center
Function Room
Meeting Room
Play Ground
Presidential Suite

2 Units (Two Bedroom Unit with Living Room, Dining Area and Veranda - Master's Bed Room with 1 King sized Bed and Guest Room with 1 Queen sized Bed. 4 - 6 persons

Room Service
Super Deluxe Room

4 Rooms (1 King sized bed or 2 Queen sized beds) 2 - 4 persons

Super Deluxe With Verandah
Wedding Facility


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Map of Court Meridian Hotel

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