BUGONG Express

G/F Fiesta Market, Market! Market | Bonifacio Global City , Taguig City , Luzon 1634 , Philippines (6 branches)
in Taguig City Metro Manila Luzon
Map of BUGONG Express

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Menu Best Dishes

4 users liked this dish
Quarter Chicken Meal
3 users liked this dish

Quarter roast chicken served with rice and choice of sauce

Thai Rice
3 users liked this dish
Pasta Victoria
2 users liked this dish
Poori Pockets
2 users liked this dish
Asian Fresh Noodles
1 user liked this dish
Asian Salad Wraps
1 user liked this dish
Bugong Roast Chicken
1 user liked this dish

Whole roast chicken marinated with 18 different herbs and spices no MSG and artificial flavor enhancers Serving Family | Regular

Fruit Salad
1 user liked this dish
Kimchi Rice
1 user liked this dish
Mashed Potato
1 user liked this dish
Mexican Fresh Salsa
1 user liked this dish
1 user liked this dish
Bugong Asian Combo

Roast chicken served with Asian Fresh Noodles and chocie of seasoned rice Serving Single | Quarter

Chicken BBQ
Chicken, Bread and Salsa

Quarter roast chicken served with Mexican Fresh Salsa and choice of bread Serving Poori | Tortilla

Garlic and Chives Rice
Macaroni and Cheese
Macaroni Salad
Soda in Can
Sola Iced Tea
Thai Curry Meatballs


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