Seamless Cashback Rewards
Personalized Recommendations

We engage millions of online shoppers with our cashback and recommendation platform.

Our Solutions

  • Engage your members by providing year round Rewards from Hundreds of Merchants.
  • Patent Pending Integrated Cashback or Rewards Service
  • Easy plug-in Recommendation Engine
  • Personalized content for your website, mobile app, social media, and newsletters
  • Reach millions of Online Shoppers through our Rewards Program Partners
  • No set-up fees
  • Dynamic Related Content and Smart Recommendations for all Digital Channels
  • Quick Integration via Affiliate Marketing Platforms
  • Customize discounts based on margins
  • Grow your business with the help of our big data solutions
  • Personalized content for your website, mobile app, social media, and newsletters
  • Crowd sourced social media postings
  • Hybrid discussion board
  • Auto-hyperlink and meta content page generation
  • Product-centered augmented reality, image recognition, and relevant content generation
  • Revenue generating targeted promotions
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View best restaurant dishes and hotel features. Get personalized restaurant, hotel, and attraction recommendations from users with similar preferences. See related deals, best rates, and more!

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