24h Apartment Hotel

1406 Vito Cruz Extension (Pablo O'Campo Street Ext.) (Corner Balagtas Street) , Makati , Luzon, Philippines Hotel amenities
in Makati Metro Manila Luzon

24h Apartment Hotel’s promise is simple; a guarantee of a 24-hour stay from check-in time. The practical choice for the smart traveler. This Hotel is located in the city center, close to Makati Central Post Office, Manila ... See more
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The promise of a 24h Apartment-Hotel is simple and straightforward -Guaranteed 24 hours stay from check-in time. For early morning arrivals, this means no more waiting for the standard 2pm check-in time or worrying about the 12 noon check-out and be charged for extension of stay. With 24h Apartment-Hotel, you get the full worth of what you paid for your hotel room. Now, that's value.

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Nice hotel
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Billiard Hall
Cafe Veinte Cuatro
Function Room
One Bedroom Apartment Duo
One Bedroom Apartment Trio
Sulit Studio Duo
Sulit Studio Solo
Sulit Studio Trio
Two Bedroom Apartment


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