New Horizon Hotel

778 Boni Avenue corner EDSA , Mandaluyong , Luzon 1550 , Philippines Hotel amenities
in Mandaluyong Metro Manila Luzon

Welcome to New Horizon Hotel, where European standards are affordable. Located in the bustling City of Mandaluyong, New Horizon Hotel is a European hotel that stands along Manila’s major thoroughfare (EDSA). Apart from its ... See more
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Best Features

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An affordable European-inspired hotel in the Philippines, provides top-quality accommodations and friendly services. Here, comfortable lodging is never compromised.

Breakfast Buffet
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Luxury Room
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A spacious room (40 sq. m) with 2-seater sofa, dining table and writing desk

Horizon Suite
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An elegant combination of a living room and bedroom Spacious room (64 sq.m) with Sofa set and dining table Writing desk Complimentary slippers

Royal Suite
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A large One Bedroom Suite (84 sq.m) Separate Bedroom Living room with sofa set and writing desk Complimentary slippers

Business Center
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New Horizon Hotel's business center is fully equipped to cater to all your business requirements. It offers secretarial, photocopying & printing services as well as an Internet access.

Front Office
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Function Room
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Picasso's Place

Discover a wide and delicious variety of Asian, European & international dishes, prepared by the Belgian Executive Chef at the New Horizon Hotel in Mandaluyong.

Spa Services

Have a moment of relaxation with our professional therapists.


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Map of New Horizon Hotel

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