Corner Tree Cafe

150 Jupiter Street | Bel-Air Village , Makati , Luzon, Philippines
in Makati Metro Manila Luzon
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Menu Best Dishes

Arroz ala Cubana
6 users liked this dish

Minced tofu,tomatoes,green olives,raisins,fried bananas & a fried egg (optional) with organic red rice make this dish a reason to come back.

Baked Tofu Walnut Burger
5 users liked this dish

A big healthy burger in a whole wheat bun slathered with mint yogurt sauce or vegan mayonnaise,served with choice of sweet potato fries & our homemade mayo (on the side) or organic greens.*contains capsicum.

Banoffee Pie
5 users liked this dish
Chocolate Cake
5 users liked this dish

Hard to believe it's vegan AND no sugar!

5 users liked this dish

Served in a bowl over organic red rice.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte
4 users liked this dish

Another rich,velvety sinful one with a graham cracker crust.

Spinach & Mushroom Lasagna
4 users liked this dish

Spinach,roasted red bell pepper,mushrooms and 3 different cheeses make this dish one of our all- time favourites.*contains capsicum.

Veg Bibimbap
4 users liked this dish

Our take on the popular Korean one-pot dish with organic red rice,fresh spinach,bean sprouts,carrots,zucchini & shiitake mushrooms.Comes with our homemade kimchi.

Greek Spinach Filo Triangles
3 users liked this dish

3 Pieces , 6 Pieces , A classic Greek appetizer.Light,crisp filo pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese with a mint yogurt sauce.

Arroz Caldo
2 users liked this dish

A big bowl of Filipino rice porridge (like congee) with shiitake mushrooms topped with fried tofu,crispy garlic & spring onions.

Bowl of Chili
2 users liked this dish

Red beans,shiitake mushrooms,zucchini and corn make this a hearty meal.served with red rice or our scrumptious corn bread*contains capsicum.

2 users liked this dish
Kare-Kareng Gulay
2 users liked this dish

A traditional Filipino stew made with garden fresh veggies,a zesty organic peanut sauce,served with organic red rice and vegetarian bagoong.

North African Vegetable Stew
2 users liked this dish

A rich flavourful stew of regular and sweet potatoes,eggplant,zucchini,carrots & chickpeas with Moroccan spices served over couscous or red rice,topped with toasted almonds and fresh coriander served with our harissa (chili sauce) on the side and extra pouring sauce*contains capsicum.

Orange Sorbet
2 users liked this dish

Incredibly refreshing.

Quinoa Salad
2 users liked this dish

Sharing , Solo , With grilled asparagus,feta cheese,toasted sunflower seeds,a hint of paprika with a cool citrus dressing.

Spinach Feta Croquettes
2 users liked this dish

3 Pieces , 6 Pieces , Tasty croquettes made with spinach,feta cheese and organic red rice,served with a mint organic yogurt sauce and our very own harissa (hot chili sauce) on the side.

Veg Nut Roast
2 users liked this dish

This Christmas dish made it to our regular menu by popular demand.2 slices of "meatloaf" with mashed potatoes,glazed carrots,grilled green beans and gravy.*Contains capsicum.

1 user liked this dish
Caramelized Apple & Feta Salad
1 user liked this dish

Sharing , Solo , With garlic croutons & organic greens in an apple cider & honey dressing.

Carrot Cake
1 user liked this dish

Tasty cake without sugar.Vegan version also available now!

Corn Bread
1 user liked this dish
Crispy Vegetable Lumpia
1 user liked this dish

2 pieces of Filipino spring rolls made of bean sprouts,green beans and sweet potato and a garlicky coconut vinegar dipping sauce.

1 user liked this dish
1 user liked this dish

Double , Single

Homemade Mayo
1 user liked this dish
Koftas in Tomato Sauce
1 user liked this dish

5 Indian vegetarian "meatballs"(made with cauliflower & cabbage)in tomato sauce with a kick,served over organic red rice or couscous.

1 user liked this dish
Organic Red Rice
1 user liked this dish
red rice
1 user liked this dish

Promo until June 16, 2014

Sourdough Bread
1 user liked this dish
Vegetable Laing
1 user liked this dish
"Pizza" Bianca

Half , Whole , Local mozzarella,fresh rosemary,garlic & sea salt on a ciabatta toast-a lightly tasty appetizer.

2 Wholewheat Breadsticks
Adobo Tofu w/ Monggo
Adobo with Kesong Puti

Cubes of tofu marinated in vinegar & soy sauce (adobo) drizzled with EVOO with fried or scrambled egg & fried garlic rice.

and Banana w/ Ginger

Combination of Mango, Pineapple, Banana w/ Ginger

Asian Omelet
Aussie Cheddar
Baked Walnut Tofu Dinner Plate
Burger Dinner Plate

Same delicious patty with our vegan gravy,fried onions,organic red rice and organic greens.

Cabbage Roll

with rice or mashed potato

Cabbage Roll serve with Organic Rice
Caramelized Onions
Chickpea Burger
Chocolate Mousse w/ Dark Toblerone

This one is really rich but so delicious,you'll be back for more.

Coconut Kefier

Five Berry , Vanilla Bean Ice Cream , Vegan Ice Cream

Corner Tree Caffe's Raw Organic Salad

Sharing , Solo , An all-organic cornucopia of carrots,red beets & jicama,raw walnuts & greens.

Corner Tree Starter Plate

Combination , Solo , An interesting combination of Dukka,a distinctly Egyptian earthy & fragrant snack made with a dry blend of seeds,spices & nuts.Served with extra virgin olive oil & warm chunks of whole wheat bread and White Bean Hummus,a lemony white bean dip served with sticks ("on the rocks")

Crispy Vegetable Wonton
CTC Raw Salad
Dilled Egg Salad Sandwich

Made with our homemade mayonnaise,this is our delicious version of chopped free range organic eggs,Dijon mustard,capers & dill,with tomato slices & greens served on toasted ciabatta bread or whole wheat toast.

Fresh Fruit Shake

Mango,pineapple or banana,sweetened with honey.

Fresh Fruit w/ Lemon Poppyseed Yoghurt

A very refreshing and healthy dessert madew ith fruits in season.

Fresh Lemonade

Served unsweetened,with honey on the side.

Fried Bananas
Fried Onions
Frozen Patty

for Tofu Walnut Burger

Fruity Smoothie (Combinatio Mango,
German Potato Soup

Bowl , Cup

Glutein Free Bread
Grated Parmesan
Green Organic House Salad with Lemon Dijon Dressing
Green Smoothie
Grilled Asparagus & Poached Eggs on Whole Wheat English Muffins
Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Fried Onions
Gruyere Cheese
Guyabano Juice
House Salad w/ Lemon Dijon Dressing
Make Your Own Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Make Your Own Grilled Cheese SandwichP220.00

BasicTasty Australian White Cheddar grilled with butter in wholewheat bread.

Mango Lassi

A satisfying refreshing healthy drink filled with calcium.

Mango-Pineapple-Banana Fruity

A pick-me-up smoothie packed with energyA- beta-carotene,vitamic C,potassium,enzymes and cleaning power from ginger.

Mashed Potato
Mediterranean Salad

Sharing , Solo , Organic tomatoes,cucumber & greens with black olives,capers,toasted almond slivers.

Organic Egg
Organic Lemongrass Iced Tea

Sweetened with natural muscovado sugar.

Patatas Bravas
Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

This seriously good smoothie made with either regular milk or soy milk is packed with potassium,sweetened with honey & will energize any child or adult.

Perrier Mineral Water
Potato Lat Kies with Apple Sauce
Roasted Asparagus Panino

With gruyere cheese in grilled ciabatta bread or whole wheat toast.

Roasted Carrot Soup

Bowl , Cup , A velvety soup with a hint of cumin.

Roasted Chesnut Soup
Sicilian Tomato and Bread

Bowl , Cup , A healthy hearty soup made with organic tomatoes,brown bread & lots of extra virgin olive oil.

Sicilian Tomato and Bread Soup – V
Slice of Gruyere
Slice of Sourdough Bread
Sotanghon Soup

Bowl , Cup

Soup of the Day

Bowl Size , Cup Size

Spaghettini w/ Broccoli & Toasted Nuts

A simple combination of ingredients that work together for a tasty pasta dish.Choice of almonds or pine nuts.Available in whole wheat and gluten- free pasta.

Spinach & Pechay Chowder

Bowl , Cup , A comforting pureed soup of leafy greens and potatoes with a dollop of organic yoghurt.

Steamed Vegetables
Sweet Potato Fries & Garlic Mayo
Thai Corn Fritters
Thai Veggie Curry
The Corner Tree Cafe Continental Breakfast
The Filipino Breakfast (Adsilog)
The Vegan Club

Layers of julienned carrots,greens,cucumber,tomato,black olives and sprouts with white bean humus and a vegan pesto in whole wheat bread.

Toasted Cubes of Wholewheat Baguette
Tofu BBQ w/ Pinoy Salad serve w/
Tofu Teriyaki w/ Sauteed Asparagus &
Tofu Teriyaki with Sauteed Asparagus & Shiitake Mushrooms
Tortang Talong
Turkish-style Baked Eggs
Veg Sinigang sa Miso

Vegetables simmered in a sour broth with miso,served with organic red rice and vegetarian "patis".A local favourite.

Veg Tinola
Vegan Mayo
Vegan Panini

In ciabatta bread.

Vegetable Dumplings

5 pieces of dumplings stuffed with shiitake mushrooms,spinach,carrots,and singkamas (jicama) with a rice vinegar dipping sauce.

Vegetarian Bagoong
Vegie Mac and Cheese
Vigan Mayo
White Bean Hummus
Whole Meat Loaf
Whole Wheat Breadsticks (homemade)
Whole Wheat Vegan Pancakes


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