Toastbox - CLOSED

New Wing, Alabang Town Center | Alabang , Muntinlupa , Luzon, Philippines
in Muntinlupa Metro Manila Luzon
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Menu Best Dishes

Clubhouse Set
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Floss/ Ham/ Hainanese/ Wholesome Tuna

Blueberry Cream Cheese
Blueberry Cream Cheese Toast Set
Butter Sugar
Butter Sugar - Soft Bun
Butter Sugar Set
Café Mocha

Serving 8oz. | 12oz.

Char Kway Teow
Chicken Sausage Noodle
Choco Spread
Chocolate Toast Set
Coconut Rice
Curry Chicken with Rice
Curry Chicken with Toast
Floss Sandwich
Floss Set
Floss Thick Toast Set
French Toast
French Toast Set

Add | for chocolate or kaya, add | for ice cream

Fried Mee Siam
Ginger Lime Soda
Hainanese Chicken


Hainanese Chicken Sandwich
Hainanese Chicken Set
Hainanese Chicken with Dry Noodle or Noodle Soup

Quarter portion

Hainanese Chicken with Rice and Soup

Serving Quarter Chicken | Half Chicken

Hainanese Rice
Ham & Cheese
Ham and Cheese Set
Hebi Hiam
Hebi Hiam Set
Hebi Set
Hokkien Prawn Mee
Homestyle Lemonade
Horlicks Dinosaur
Hot Barley


Hot Chocolate

Serving 8oz. | 12oz.

Hot Horlicks

Serving 8oz. | 12oz.

Hot Milo

Serving 8oz. | 12oz.

Iced Bandung
Iced Barley
Iced Chin Chow
Iced Chocolate
Iced Horlicks
Iced Lemon Tea
Iced Milo
Iced Mocha
Iced Mocha Chip
Iced White Mocha Chip
Kaya - Soft Bun
Kaya Cream Cheese
Kaya Cream Cheese Toast Set
Kaya Set
Kaya Spread
Kaya Toast Set

Nanyang Coffee Serving Hot (8oz.) | Hot (12oz.) | Cold (16oz.)

Kopi C

Nanyang Skinny Coffee Serving Hot (8oz.) | Hot (12oz.) | Cold (16oz.)

Kopi O

Nanyang Black Coffee Serving Hot (8oz.) | Hot (12oz.) | Cold (16oz.)

Lemon Frizz
Lemon Rose Frizz
Luncheon Meat
Luncheon Meat Noodle
Luncheon Meat Set
Mee Siam
Milo Dinosaur
Milo Toast Set
Nasi Goreng
Nasi Lemak
Nonya Laksa
Onion Pancake
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter - Soft Bun
Peanut Butter and Jam
Peanut Butter Set
Peanut Spread
Peanut Thick Toast Set
Sausage Roll
Singaporean Fish Ball Soup
Soft Boiled Egg

Serving 1 pc. | 2 pcs.


Nanyang Milk Tea Serving Hot (8oz.) | Hot (12oz.) | Cold (16oz.)

Teh C

Nanyang Skinny Milk Tea Serving Hot (8oz.) | Hot (12oz.) | Cold (16oz.)

Teh O

Nanyang Black Tea Serving Hot (8oz.) | Hot (12oz.) | Cold (16oz.)

Tofu Goreng
Wholesome Tuna
Wholesome Tuna Set
Yuan Yang

Serving Hot (8oz.) | Hot (12oz.) | Cold (16oz.)


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