Buffalo's Wings N Things

The Commercenter Alabang, Commerce Ave. Corner East Asia Dr., Filinvest , Muntinlupa , Luzon, Philippines (34 branches)
in Muntinlupa Metro Manila Luzon
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Menu Best Dishes

NY Dirty Rice
57 users liked this dish
1 Pound Champion Buffalo Wings
51 users liked this dish

8-10 Wings and can have 2 flavors of your choice

Triple Sampler Champion Buffalo Wings
49 users liked this dish

12-15 wings and can have 3 flavors of your choice Hand battered Chicken Tenders, have it Classic or Dirty

Bleu Cheese
35 users liked this dish
Buffalo Cheeseburger
32 users liked this dish

Grilled onions and cheese sauce. Milld spicy, not available for non-spicy

Bleu Cheese Dip
19 users liked this dish
Chicken Quesadilla
18 users liked this dish
Basket of Fries
16 users liked this dish

Served with homemade bleu cheese dip, garlic aioli or buffalo ranch dip

Beef Burrito
16 users liked this dish

Soft flour tortilla with mixed rice, green bell pepper, onions, refried beans, salsa, shredded lettuce, ground beef, cheese sauce and served with homemade salsa

Triple No Bones Fun
13 users liked this dish
Buffalo Ranch
12 users liked this dish
1/2 Pound Champion Buffalo Wings
9 users liked this dish
Chili N' Cheese Dog
9 users liked this dish

Texas Chili,Cheese Sauce and Onions. With a choice of honey mustard or wings signature sauce.

Chili N' Cheese Fries
9 users liked this dish
Double No Bones Fun
9 users liked this dish
Honey Mustard Dip
7 users liked this dish

Seasoned chicken wings tossed in our Signature Sauces

Nachos w/ Jalapeño Cheese Sauce
7 users liked this dish
Down Town Iced Tea Glass
5 users liked this dish
NY Cheesecake Ice Cream
5 users liked this dish
Single No Bones Fun
5 users liked this dish
Ultimate Wingsanity
5 users liked this dish
Bleu Cheese Burger
4 users liked this dish

Shredded lettuce and bleu cheese dressing.

Nachos N' Salsa
4 users liked this dish
No Bones Fun
4 users liked this dish

Hand battered chicken tenders, have it Classic or Dirty! Serving Single | Double | Triple

One Pound Champion Buffalo Wings
3 users liked this dish
Chili N' Cheese Nachos
2 users liked this dish
Double No Bones Fun (Chicken Fingers)
2 users liked this dish
Nuclear Sauce
2 users liked this dish
6 pcs. Fingers N' Fries with Coney Island Dip
1 user liked this dish
Champion Buffalo Wings
1 user liked this dish

Seasoned Chicken Wings tossed in signature sauces Serving 1/2 pound | 1 pound | Triple Sampler

Classic Hotdog
1 user liked this dish


Double No Bones Fun (Chicken Fingers) P269.00
1 user liked this dish
Downtown Iced Tea
1 user liked this dish


Freshly Cooked Nacho Chips
1 user liked this dish
Half Pound Champion Buffalo Wings
1 user liked this dish
Honey BBQ Sauce
1 user liked this dish
Honey Mustard
1 user liked this dish
Nachos and Salsa
1 user liked this dish
New York Dirty Rice
1 user liked this dish
Single No Bones Fun (Chicken Fingers)
1 user liked this dish
southern fried chicken and smoked bacon
1 user liked this dish
Spicy Chic'n Burrito
1 user liked this dish
The Rookie
1 user liked this dish
American Chicken Fingers
Armagedon Sauce
Baby Back Ribs
Bleu Cheeseburger

Shredded lettuce and bleu cheese dressing

Bottled Water
Chick'n Quesadilla
Classic CHicken Fingers
Classic Hotdogs

Ketchup,mustard,pickles and onions

Dirty Chicken Fingers
Domestic Beer Bottle
Firehouse Classic Sauce
Nachos w/ Jalapeño Cheese Sauce
Nachos with Jalapeño Cheese Sauce

Freshly cooked nachos drizzled with cheese sauce, chopped jalapeño and served with homemade salsa

New York Finest Sauce
Pound Champion Buffalo Wings

4-5 Wings and can have only 1 flavor of your choice

Ranch Dip
Soda in Can
Spicy Chick N' Burrito
Texas Chili
The Mouthful

Imported all beef patty with toasted black sesame seed bun,homemade hickory BBQ and cheese sauce,pickles,sliced onions and tomatoes.Serve with crinkle cut fries.

Triple Mini Burgers
Triple Sampler Champion Buffalo Wings P409.00
Wings N' Calamari
Wings N' Fish

A combination of famous buffalo wings with your choice of the signature sauces and hand battered and deep fried sole fish fillet

Wings N' Ribs

4 - 5 pcs Wings & 5 -8 pcs Ribs


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