Giligan s Restaurant

Alabang Town Center | Filinvest City , Muntinlupa , Luzon, Philippines (56 branches)
in Muntinlupa Metro Manila Luzon
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Menu Best Dishes

Sizzling Pork Sisig
5 users liked this dish
Centennial Pizza
4 users liked this dish
Kare-Kareng Gulay
4 users liked this dish
Lechon Kawali
4 users liked this dish

Serving 1 Whole | 1/2

Bulalo Soup
2 users liked this dish
Cheese Sticks
2 users liked this dish
Grilled Tuna Belly
2 users liked this dish
Mango Float
2 users liked this dish

Serving Slice | Whole

2 users liked this dish
2 users liked this dish
Sizzling Gambas
2 users liked this dish
1 user liked this dish
Baked Mussels
1 user liked this dish
Baked Oysters
1 user liked this dish

Cream and cheese, garlic butter or mixed

Beef Caldereta
1 user liked this dish
Blueberry Cheesecake
1 user liked this dish

Serving Slice | Whole

Calamares Fritos
1 user liked this dish
Cheese Pizza
1 user liked this dish
Chicharon Bulaklak
1 user liked this dish
Chicken Cordon Bleu
1 user liked this dish

A delicious French classic boneless chicken rolled around cheese and ham

Chicken Lollipop
1 user liked this dish
Chicken Wings
1 user liked this dish

With your choice of gravy, teriyaki, spicy or sweet and sour sauce

Crispy Pata
1 user liked this dish

Size Regular | Medium | Large

Fried Chicken
1 user liked this dish

2 pcs.

Grilled Bangus Belly
1 user liked this dish
Iced Tea
1 user liked this dish

12oz., non-refillable

Inihaw na Baboy
1 user liked this dish
Lumpiang Shanghai
1 user liked this dish
Pale Pilsen
1 user liked this dish
Pepperoni Pizza
1 user liked this dish
1 user liked this dish
Pork BBQ
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Sinigang na Hipon
1 user liked this dish
1 user liked this dish

Kilawin Tuna and Inihaw na Baboy

Sizzling Chicken Sisig
1 user liked this dish
Sizzling Tofu
1 user liked this dish
Spicy Squid
1 user liked this dish
Tuna Sashimi
1 user liked this dish
1/4 Chicken Barbeque
Adobo Rice
Adobong Kangkong
Baked Pork Belly

Tender juicy yet not too fatty pork belly with mouthwatering flavor you will savor inside and out

Banana Shake
Beef Caldereta Meal
Beef Steak
Beef Steak Meal
Beef Tapa
Bicol Express
Bicol Express with Iced Tea
Bihon Guisado
Binagoongan Lechon Kawali
Boneless Chicken Teriyaki
Boneless Chicken Teriyaki with Iced Tea
Boneless Crispy Pata

Serving 1 Whole | 1/2

Bottled Water


Bottomless Iced Tea

Bottomless until 10:00 PM only. No sharing please

Buko Juice
Buko Pandan

Serving Single | Whole

Buko Pandan Salad

Serving Slice | Whole

Buko Shake
Caesar's Salad
Calamansi Juice
Cali Ice or Shandy
Canton Guisado
Cetennial Pizza
Chami Noodles
Cheese Cake

Serving Slice | Whole

Chicken Binakol

Tinola in coconut juice

Chicken Binakol Soup
Chicken Fingers
Chicken Pandan
Chicken Pizza
Chicken Salpicao
Chicken Strips

With your choice of gravy, teriyaki, spicy or sweet and sour sauce

Chicken Yakitori


Chicken Yakitori with Iced Tea

3 sticks

Clams with Al Ajillo
Clubhouse Sandwich
Coffee Frappe
Coffee or Hot Tea
Cream and Cheese
Crispy Crablets
Crispy Shrimps
Crispy Sisig Pizza
Crispy Squid Head
Crispy Squid Heads
Crunchy Sisig
Crunchy Sisig Pizza

Topped with crunchy chicharon

Dinuguan with Iced Tea
Fish and Chips
Fish Fillet

In your choice of sauce | Sauce Teriyaki Escabeche Sweet and Sour Savory Fried Garlic

Fish Fillet Escabeche with Iced Tea

With your choice of gravy, teriyaki, spicy or sweet and sour sauce

Fish Fillet Special

Deep fried fish served with creamy garlic sauce

Fish Teriyaki
Fish with Black Beans
French Fries
Fresh Fruit Shakes
Fried Bangus Belly
Fried Chicken (Leg and Thigh)

2 pcs.

Fried Chicken Wings

Tips and mid-joint

Fried Garlic Chicken

Serving 1 Whole | 1/2 | 1/4

Fried Garlic Fish Fillet with Iced Tea
Fried Garlic Squid
Fried Garlic Squid with Iced Tea
Fruit Juices
Garden Salad Honey Mustard Dressing
Garden Salad Ranch Dressing
Garlic and Butter
Garlic Mushrooms
Garlic Rice

Serving Single | Platter (Good for 3-4 persons)


Selected variants

Giligan's BBQ Platter

4 sticks pork, 4 sticks yakitori

Giligan's Coffee

Cappuccino or Latte

Giligan's Combo Platter
Giligan's Fried Chicken

Size Whole | Half

Giligan's Fried Chicken (Quarter)
Giligan's Pica-Pica Platter

French fries, cheese sticks, lumpiang shanghai and peanuts

Giligan's Roasted Chicken

Serving 1/2 | Whole

Giligan's Sampler Platter
Giligans's Cheeseburger
Gilligan's Fried Rice
Gilligan's Grilled Platter

Grilled bangus belly, grilled pusit, inihaw na baboy, and boneless chicken teriyaki

Gilligan's Grilled Platter Special

For the one hungry group, better enjoy the combination of inihaw na baboy, chicken bbq 1/4, grilled pusit and tuna belly

Green Mango Shake
Grilled Blue Marlin
Grilled Chicken Salad
Grilled Pusit
Grilled Salmon Belly
Grilled Salmon Head

Min order half head per 100g

Group A

1/4 Fried Garlic Chicken, Inihaw na Baboy, Sinigang na Bangus Belly, 1 Rice Platter, 4 Glasses Iced Tea, Good for 4 persons

Group B

1/4 Fried Garlic Chicken, Inihaw na Baboy, Boneless Crispy Pata, Grilled Pusit, Pan-Fried Bangus Belly, Kare-Kareng Gulay, 2 Rice Platter, 6 Glasses of Iced Tea, Good for 6 persons

Halaan Soup
Hawaiian Pizza
Hot Tea
Hungarian Sausage Pizza
Inihaw na Baboy with Iced Tea
Kare-Kare Beef
Kilawin - Tanigue
Kilawin - Tuna
Leche Flan


Lechon Kawali Cebu Style

Per 100g, minimum of 300g per order

Lechon Kawali Cebu Style (100g)

Minimum of 300g per order

Lechon Kawali Meal
Lechon Kawali Mixed with Binagoongang Kangkong
Lechon Kawali with Binagoongang Kangkong
Lechon Kawali with Sinigang Sauce
Lomi Soup
Longganisa Rice
Lumpiang Shanghai'
Mangga Hilaw with Bagoong
Manggang Hilaw
Manggang Hilaw Ensalada Veggie
Manggang Hilaw with Bagoong
Mango Juice
Melon Shake


Mexican Nachos
Miki Bihon Guisado
Monte Carlo
Mozzarella Sticks with Tomato Salsa
Nachos with Cheese Dip
Nilagang Baka
Open Faced Roast Beef
Orange Juice
Oriental Pasta
Pan-Fried Bangus Belly
Philly Cheese Steak
Pineapple Juice
Plain Rice

Serving Single | All You Can | Platter (good for 3-4 pax)

Pork a L'Orange
Pork Adobo sa Gata
Pork Adobo sa Gata with Iced Tea
Pork BBQ 3 Sticks
Pork Sinigang
Potato Balls with Ham and Cheese
Red Horse
Red Horse Stallion
Regular Nachos with Cheese Dip
Ripe Mango Shake
Roast Beef

Thinly sliced beef with mashed potato smothered with mushroom gravy

Roasted Chicken
Saba con Hielo
San Mig Lights
San Miguel Lights
Seafood Chowmien
Seafood Pasta

Your choice of Red or White Sauce

Shrimp and Tofu Oriental
Sinigang na Baboy
Sinigang na Bangus Belly sa Miso
Sinigang na Inihaw na Baboy
Sinigang na Norweigian Salmon Belly sa Miso
Sinigang na Salmon Belly
Sinigang na Salmon Belly sa Miso
Sinigang na Salmon Head sa Miso
Sisig Salmon Belly
Sisiig Bangus Belly
Sizzlin' Gambas
Sizzlin' Tofu
Sizzling Bangus Belly Ala Pobre
Sizzling Bangus Sisig
Sizzling Beef in Mushroom Gravy
Sizzling Beef in Sinigang Gravy
Sizzling Beef Sisig
Sizzling Bulalo Steak
Sizzling Burger Steak with Rice
Sizzling Chicken and Pork Sisig
Sizzling Chicken Teriyaki
Sizzling Chicken/Pork Sisig
Sizzling Fish Fillet
Sizzling Mixed Seafoods

Combination of shrimp, squid, fish cubes, mussels and scallops with mouthwatering sauce

Sizzling Peppery Steak
Sizzling Scallops
Sizzling Spicy Hungarian Sausage
Sizzling Squid
Softdrinks in Can

Drink Coke Sprite Royal Sarsi

Sotanghon Guisado
Spicy Hungarian Sausage
Super Dry, Cerveza Negra
Sweet & Spicy Squid
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet with Iced Tea
Sweet and Sour Pork
Sweet and Sour Pork with Iced Tea
Sweet and Spicy Squid
Sweet and Spicy Squid with Iced Tea
Sweet Spicy Squid
T-Bone Steak

Local t-bone steak sizzling in mushroom gravy served with mashed potato

Tenderloin Salpicao
Tofu with Eggplant
Tokwa't Baboy
Vegetable Pizza
Vegetable Wrap in Creamy White Sauce



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