Yummy Roast - CLOSED

2nd Floor, Mall A, SM City Bicutan | Sun Valley , Paranaque , Luzon, Philippines
in Paranaque Metro Manila Luzon
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Menu Best Dishes

Bottomless Drink
Loggan Drink , Black Jelly Gulaman
Real Leaf Iced Tea
Straberry Yoghurt
Vanilla Yoghurt
YB 1

Yummy Roast Chiken( thigh quarter part )

YB 2

Yummy Roast Chicken ( breast quarter )

YB 3

Yummy Pork Asado

YB 4

Yummy Por k Belly

YC 1

Braised Beef Topping

YC 2

Tofu Rice , Drummet with Zhajiang Sauce

YC 3

Zhajiang Noodles with Drummet & Pan De Pao

YC 4

2pcs. Chicken Drummets with Rice

YS 1

Tofu Rice with Zhajiang Sauce

YS 2

Zhajiang Rice Topping

YS 3

Zhajiang Noodles with Pan De Pao

YS 4

4pcs. Pan De Pao with Zhajiang Sauce


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