Boqueria Restaurante Chocolateria

3/F SM Megamall, Fashion Hall, Julia Vargas Ave | Wack Wack , Mandaluyong , Luzon 1860 , Philippines
in Mandaluyong Metro Manila Luzon
Map of Boqueria Restaurante Chocolateria

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Menu Best Dishes

3 users liked this dish

Serving 3 pcs. | 5 pcs.

2 users liked this dish

Sauteed shrimp in olive oil, white wine, garlic and chili flakes

Albondigas con Foie Gras
1 user liked this dish

Foie gras meatballs

Iberian Chicken
1 user liked this dish
Paella Queso Manchego
1 user liked this dish

Spanish chorizo and manchego cheese

Paella Valenciana
1 user liked this dish

Mixed seafood and chicken

Sangria Blanca
1 user liked this dish

White sangria

Albondigas con Foie Gras - Pinchos
Alcachofas con Jamon Serrano

Heart of artichoke topped with jamon serrano

Altozano Shiraz Rose
Altozano Temptanillo Shiraz
Bacalao a la Vizcaina

Salted cod fish in tomato sauce


Potato croquettas with homemade chorizo

Boqueria's Signature Hot Chocolate
Borsao Blanco

Serving Glass | Bottle

Borsao Tinto Joven

Serving Glass | Bottle

Cabreiroa Aqua Mineral
Calamares a la Plancha con Tinta

Squid in olive oil, garlic and squid ink with ajo sauce

Calamares Fritos

Deep fried squid rings coated with batter service with sauce


Ox tripe with Spanish chorizo, garbanzos and bell peppers


Crispy pork belly with red wine reduction and white wine vinaigrette dip

Choco Almendras
Choco Ganache
Chocolate Churros

Serving 3 pcs. | 5 pcs.

Chocolate Shakes
Chorizo Frito



Roasted suckling pig | Serving 1/4

Cocido Mardrilleño

Chicken, pork, beef, Spanish chorizo in red wine and tomato sauce

Coco Mantecado
Ensaladilla del Caesar

Romaine lettuce with crispy jamon serrano

Ensaladilla Rusa

Potato salad with tuna flakes and egg

Especial 1906
Estrella Galicia
Estrella Galicia Light
Estrella Galicia Pilsen
Fabada Asturiana

White beans and Spanish chorizo

Fresh Fruit Juices

Flavor Pineapple | Mango | Orange | Watermelon | Grape

Lengua Estofada

Slow cooked ox tongue in special sauce

Magma de Cabreiroa
Mejilliones Rellenos

Refreshing tuna, tomatoes and black olives

Natillas de Queso Manchego
Oreja de Cerdo

Crispy baked pork ears served with wine vinaigrette dip

Paella Marinera

Seafood paella

Paella Negra

Squid and squid ink paella

Pernel Asado

Baked for 4 hours with citron sauce and white beans

Pescado en Salsa Verde

Sole fish in special sauce

Pinchito Sardinas con Queso

Open-faced sandwich with Spanish sardines and cream cheese

Pollo a la Ajillo

Crispy fried chicken sauteed in olive oil and garlic

Pulpo a la Gallega

Sauteed octopus on potato gratin

Ramon Roquetta Reserva
Salmon Ahumado con Queso

Smoked salmon and cream cheese on top of mini cake

Salpicon de Mariscos

Seafood salad in white wine vinaigrette

San Miguel Light
San Miguel Pale Pilsen
San Miguel Premium
Sangria Roja

Red sangria

Sangria Virgen

Blend of grape juice and apple juice (no alcohol)

Schweppes Soda Water
Schweppes Tonic Water
Setas con Gambas

Sauteed tiger prawns and fresh mushroom

Sopa de Ajo

Garlic soup

Sopa de Cocido

Spanish chorizo and angel hair pasta

Sopa de Mariscos

Seafood soup (mussels, clams and shrimp)

Strawberry Milkshakes
Super Dry
Tarta de Coco y Flan
Tocinido de Cielo
Tortilla de Jamon

Jamon serrano omelets

Tortilla de Patatas

Potato omelets

Valformosa Musa Brut
Vanilla Milkshakes
Viva Mineral Water


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