Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant

Abreeza Ayala Mall | J.P. Laurel Avenue , Davao City , Mindanao 8000 , Philippines (11 branches)
in Davao City Davao Region Mindanao
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Menu Best Dishes

Grilled Rodeo Chops
12 users liked this dish
Chix Ahoy
9 users liked this dish

Lunch Time! Taste the difference of Bigby's Chix Ahoy. Crispy fried boneless chicken steak smothered with garlic gravy.

Strawberry Shortcake
8 users liked this dish
Banana Fanna
6 users liked this dish
Belly Buster
6 users liked this dish

all meat platter

Deep Sea Pasta
6 users liked this dish
Food Trip Platter
6 users liked this dish
Grilled Rodeo Chops - Go Easy
6 users liked this dish
Blossoming Spinach Dip
4 users liked this dish
Chicken in a Basket
4 users liked this dish

Half , Whole

4 users liked this dish
Tapa Bai
4 users liked this dish

A must-try Tapa Bai! Our very own marinated sweet and spicy beef tapa. Perfect for lunch!

Titanic Treat
4 users liked this dish
Zen High Salad
4 users liked this dish
Buenos Nachos
3 users liked this dish

Snack Time! Get a taste of Buenos Nachos only from Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant. A stack of crispy corn chips with cheese sauce, mexican beef and salsa fresca. Hmmm So delicious!

Midnight Dream Cake
3 users liked this dish
Passion Fish
3 users liked this dish

Half , Whole

Pescado al Fresco
3 users liked this dish
Raging Sausage Pasta
3 users liked this dish
Belly Sizzlers
2 users liked this dish

265 , Half

2 users liked this dish
Full House Ribs
2 users liked this dish
Grilled Chicken Carbonara
2 users liked this dish
Raspberry Lemonade
2 users liked this dish
Singapore Swing Bowl
2 users liked this dish
Soup of the Day
2 users liked this dish

Comes w/ corn on the cob, buttered vegetables, & 1 sidings. Choose 1 from rice, bread, fries mashed potatoes.

Tiki Wacky Chicken Salad
2 users liked this dish
Awesome Salmon
1 user liked this dish
Baby back ribs
1 user liked this dish
Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne
1 user liked this dish
Banoffee Pie
1 user liked this dish
Blueberry Cheesecake
1 user liked this dish
Boomerang Shrimps
1 user liked this dish
Chicken Breast Parmigiano
1 user liked this dish
Chili Flappers
1 user liked this dish
1 user liked this dish

Barbecued Chicken , Four Cheese , Hawain Ham and Pineapple

Fisherman's Catch
1 user liked this dish
Granny's Chicken Fried Steak
1 user liked this dish
Great, Masarap, Katakam-takam, Awesome
1 user liked this dish
Southwest BBQ Fish Salad
1 user liked this dish
Tijuana Quesadillas Cheese
1 user liked this dish

Half , Whole

Tiki Wacky Salad
1 user liked this dish
Tuscan Fish Melt
1 user liked this dish
Vanilla Ice
1 user liked this dish
Baja Fresh Wraps
Basket of Chips
Belly Sizzlers - Go Easy
Berry Berry Strawberry Shake
Bigby's Iced Tea
BIGBY'S Riblets
Bigbys Back Ribs

Half , Whole

Bigbys Signature rib

750g of smoked tender pork rib

Bistro Cheesesteak Sandwich
Boomerang Shrimp

Half , Whole

Boomerang Shrimps - Go Easy
Bread Basket
Buffalo Flappers
Bunch of Fries


Bunch of Fries - BBQ
Buttered Vegetables
Cafe Forte
Cafe Latte
Calamansi Juice

Hot or cold

Calamansi Soda
Captain Joe's U.S. Rib-Eye Steak
Captain Joes Rib eye Steak 280g
Cdo Sinuglaw
Chicken in a Basket - Go Easy
Chimi Cha Cha Salad
Choco Loco Shake
Choco-Mallow Cocoa
Combo of Beef and Chicken

259.00 , Half

Dalanghita Freeze
Dalanghita Italian Soda
Dippy Doodle Doo
Dippy Doodle Doo Jr.
Distilled Water
Emperor Caesar's Salad
Emperor Caesar's Salad with Chix
Espresso Forte
Extra Sauce or Dressing
Fishermans Platter

all seafood platter

Four Seasons Juice
Fruit & Nut with Chicken
Fruit and nut
Frutti di Mare
Fudgy Sensation
Garlic Rice
Gold Medal Steak
Green Mango Shake
Grilled Fish
Grilled Panini

220.00 , Ham & two cheese , Roast beef , Grilled focaccia sandwiches w/ your choice of filling

Hanoi Spring Rolls
Honey Garlic Pork
Hungarian Sausage
Jasmine Green Tea
Kamikaze Balls
Katsu Diner Chops
Kimmy's Chunky Stew
Kiwi Lemonade
Lemon Tea
Mandarin Haystack Salad
Mango Juice
Manhattan Burger
Manhattan Burger De Luxe
Manhattan Burger De Luxe with Chiz
Mashed Potato
Mojo Chicken a ala Cart

Good Sharing, 1/4 a chicken

Mojo Chicken Q
Mojo Chicken Q - Go Easy
Monkey Business Freeze
Organic Strawberry Tea
Passion Fish - Go Easy
Pasta Daviola
Pineapple-Orange Juice
Pink Salmon steak
Pork Steak
Porky Steak
Porterhouse Steak
Rack-A-Bye-Baby - Go Easy
Raspberry Iced Tea
Red Wine/ White Wine

By the bottle

Rice Pilaf
Rock a bye baby


Rodeo Chops

Half , Whole

Rosemary O' Rosemary
San Miguel Light
San Miguel Pale Pilsen
Scoopy Duo
Shrimply Divine
Six for the Road

Beer bucket of 6


Drink Coke Royal Sprite Coke Light

Softdrink in Glass
Sprite/ Coke in Can
Squiggly Rings
Star Pepper Riblets
Steamed White Rice
Strawberry and Mango Shake
Strawberry Italian Soda
Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Shake
Super Duper Spaghetti

Perfect for snacks! Super Duper Spaghetti - Pinoy Bolognese, a bit on the sweet side.

Sweet Onion Loops
T-Bone Steak
Tender U.S Steak 260g
Tijuana Quesadillas Combo

Serving Full | Half

Tijuana Quesadillas Mexican Beef

Serving Full | Half

Tijuana Quesadillas Mexican Chix

Serving Full | Half

Tijuana Quesadillas Plain

Serving Full | Half

Tijuana Quesadillas w/ Mexican Beef

Half , whole

Tijuana Quesadillas w/ Mexican Chicken

half , Whole

Triple Crunch Platter
Triple Decker Club
Tsunami Chops
Twin Chiz Panini
Uncle Sam Roast Beef

Starving? Take a bite of Bigby's Uncle Sam Roast Beef, slow roasted U.S. beef serve with pan gravy. Bigby's Café & Restaurant

Viva Las Gambas
Wild West Steak and Gravy
Yellow Mango Shake


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