Alabang Town Center , Muntinlupa , Luzon, Philippines (6 branches)
in Muntinlupa Metro Manila Luzon
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Menu Best Dishes

Bamboo Rice
37 users liked this dish

Mountain rice cooked with shrimps, wood ear mushrooms and bamboo shoots steamed in a bamboo shell

17 users liked this dish

Sliced kangkong stalks sauteed in red hot chili peppers and coconut milk a la Bistro Remedios. Have a fire extinguisher on hand!

Lechon Cubano
11 users liked this dish

Story has it that Che Guevarra once fought Fidel over its roasted crispy skin

Halo Halo
10 users liked this dish

All homemade ingredients

Sikreto ni Maria
8 users liked this dish
Klassik Kare-Kare
7 users liked this dish

Traditional style with oxtail, tripe, and vegetables in a rich peanut-base sauce

Knockout Knuckles
6 users liked this dish

By unanimous decision, this Ang Hang take on the traditional fried crispy pata, won the hearts of food writer Madbur Jaffrey's foodie family

Binukadkad na Pla Pla
5 users liked this dish

A Bistro Remedios original, overgrown tilapia butterflied and fried to delightful crispiness, served with balo balo relish and mustasa leaves

Crispy Shrimp Binondo
5 users liked this dish

Finger picking little salted shrimps fried to a crisp in their shell

Pastel de Lengua
5 users liked this dish

No Filipino fiesta would be complete without this tender ox tongue dish on the table

Sinuteng Baby Squid
5 users liked this dish

Small squid sauteed in olive oil and seasoning

The Day After
5 users liked this dish

Pork lechon paksiw stewed in its own spicy sauce and coconut milk and chilies

Bicol Express
4 users liked this dish

Not to be outdone, this Bicolano dish is guaranteed to blast you off to Mayon volcano in this spicy coco cream vegetable medley.

Lumpiang Ubod
4 users liked this dish

Spring roll of fresh heart of palm, served fried or natural

3 users liked this dish

Farm frogs stuffed with minced pork, garlic and spices

Crispy Pork Adobo ni Lola Ising
3 users liked this dish

Choice pork belly slices stewed and then dried in garlic and spices, as served in Cafe Adriatico Premiere

3 users liked this dish

Pork and chicken liver stewed slowly for hours till it tastes its delicious best

Pork Binagoongan
3 users liked this dish

Choice pork cuts slowly cooked in shrimp paste, garlic and chilies

Spicy Sisig Pampanga
3 users liked this dish

Minced pork jowl and chicken livers sauteed in garlic, spices and chilies

Chicharon Bulaklak
2 users liked this dish

Homemade crisp fried pork variety meat crackling

Gambas Al Ajillo
2 users liked this dish

Spanish-style shelled shrimps sauteed in virgin olive oil and garlic

Gule Magalang
2 users liked this dish

Stewed freshly harvested vegetables with squash

Pork Lengua Asado
2 users liked this dish

Pork tongue cooked in tomato sauce, calamansi, soy sauce, and sugar

Pork Sinigang in Sampaloc
2 users liked this dish

Another version of the national dish, pork sinigang in tamarind broth with vegetables

Sugpo sa Aligue ng Talangka
2 users liked this dish

Prawns simmered in tiny crab fat with olive oil and lemon

Suman sa Lihiya with Latik
2 users liked this dish
Tuna Panga sa Bawang
2 users liked this dish

Fried tuna jaw spicy seasoned garlic topping

Adobong Puso ng Saging
1 user liked this dish

Heart of the banana plant stewed in palm vinegar

Aligue ng Talangka
1 user liked this dish

Fat of tiny crabs sauteed in olive oil and garlic

1 user liked this dish

This Capampangan arroz valenciana should be on every fiesta table... A feast for the heart. - Agustin Goy

Black Pata
1 user liked this dish

Stewed of pork leg in Chinese black sauce

Calamares en su Tinta
1 user liked this dish

Fresh squid sauteed in olive oil and its own ink

Claude's Dream
1 user liked this dish

An original dessert prepared for Abe by his friend and protege chef artist and foodie Claude Tayag

Laing with Tinapa
1 user liked this dish

Gabi leaves cooked in coconut milk with the distinctive flavor of smoked fish

lamb adobo
1 user liked this dish
Leche Flan
1 user liked this dish
Maja Blanca
1 user liked this dish

White ground rice cake with sweet young corn cooked in sweet coconut cream

Mutton Adobo with Popped Garlic
1 user liked this dish

A dish that keeps forever, kambing adobo is best with fragrant white rice

Paco Fern and Tomato Salad
1 user liked this dish

Young rainforest fern with tomato in a light salad dressing

Sans Rival
1 user liked this dish
Abe's Chicken Supreme

Spring chicken stuffed with galapong rice, chestnuts and raisins

Abe's Morcon

Fiesta meat roll with chorizo, egg and paprika, slowly cooked for hours

Arobung Kamaru

Delicacy from Pampanga, rice field crickets sauteed in tomatoes and onions

Atsarang Papaya

Pickled julienne of green papaya, carrots, and shallots

Baby Squid Rice

Bagong rice with garlic, sauteed baby squid and whole fried salted egg

Balo Balo

Capampangan delicacy of salad rice and shrimp paste especially good for fried fish served with mustasa leaves

Burong Mangga

Pickled green mango slices

Calamares in su Tinta

Fresh squid sauteed in olive oil and its own ink


Crisp-fried meaty pork cracklings

Chicken Adobado

Chicken stewed in soy, lemongrass, saba bananas and shitake mushrooms (good for 2-3 persons)

Choco Eh! Fondue with Fried Suman

Spanish tomato stew with beef, Spanish sausages, and vegetables

Coco Loco Alimango

Fresh mud crab sauteed with ginger, green chili and coconut cream, 100g

Coupe Adriatico

Vanilla ice cream with mango, banana, and blueberry topping

Crispy Tadyang D' Original

A Bistro Remedios original, marinated beef ribs deep-fried to delicious crispiness. Widely copied but in vain. - Mickey Fenix

Fresh Fruit Platter
Ginisang Mustasa

Another healthy treat! Sauteed fresh mustard leaves with shrimps and vegetables.

Green Mango and Bagoong Salad

Julienne of green mango tossed with spicy homemade salted shrimp paste

Kinilaw na Tanigue

Ceviche of tanigue belly washed in palm vinegar, coconut milk and spices

Liempo Hamonado

Pork belly stew with pineapple

Lumpiang Pica Pica

We grew up picking on this garbanzos spring roll any time of the day. Simple and yummy. - Gilda Cordero

Mango Crepes
Mango Jubilee

Vanilla ice cream topped with flambeed fresh mango

Manok sa Luyang Dilaw

Chicken stewed in coconut milk with yellow ginger, capsicum and green chili leaves

Mungo Bean Soup

A hearty green bean bisque with fish tinapa flakes and chicharon

My Mother's Rellenong Mais

My Lola and mom cooked this back in the days when women had the time to cook and run the household down to the last detail. And honestly, it's a dish I associate with matriarchal tyranny. - Thelma San Juan

Nanay's Puchero

Mom boils leftover Christmas ham bits and bones in the broth to make it more yummy. - Alya Honasan

Pesang Dalag

Murrel fish slices stewed with vegetables, traditionally served with spicy tauri sauce

Pinakbet Wen Manong

Ilocano and Capampangan claim this as his own. Here's manong's version

Pritong Baby Hito

Young catfish fried crisp and served with balo balo relish and mustasa leaves

Shrimp Halabos

Fresh from the market, lightly steamed suahe shrimps in their native flavor

Sigarillas sa Gata at Hipon

Sauteed wing bean and string beans with shrimps in coconut cream

Sinigang na Bangus Fillet sa Puso ng Saging

Milkfish fillet in tamarind broth with bananas hearts and tomatoes

Sinigang na Boneless Bangus Fillet with Ripe Guava

Another style of sinigang with crushed fruit of guava and sour broth

Squid Tactics

Lightly fried squid in peppery batter and spices

Suam of Fresh Corn

Minced and sauteed fresh young corn in a light broth

Sugpo sa Gata

Prawns simmered in coconut milk and spices


Dinuguan or pork variety meat stewed in vinegar and peppers, Pampanga-style.

Turon Saba at Kalamay

Fried saba banana and a sticky sugar and coconut milk delicacy in rice wrapper

Turon with Nangka at Ube
Ube Jalea with Macapuno

Wild mountain yams cooked in large pot, the traditional way


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