Kichitora of Tokyo

2F Mega Atrium | SM Megamall , Mandaluyong , Luzon 1552 , Philippines (3 branches)
in Mandaluyong Metro Manila Luzon
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Menu Best Dishes

Paitan Ramen
44 users liked this dish

The taste that started it all. Made using the original white broth, the Paitan Chicken Ramen is topped with your choice of chicken or pork chashu, bamboo shoots (menma), green vegetables and spring onions Serving Regular | Small

31 users liked this dish

The Japanese take this pan-fried dumpling in one bite, savoring the delicious blend of meat, vegetables, herbs and spices. A must-have addition to your ramen experience!

Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se
23 users liked this dish

The no. 1 bestselling ramen! This special variation of the famous Paitan Chicken Ramen is topped with an additional piece of pork or chicken chashu, dried seaweed, molten lava egg (ajitsuke tamago), and given a dash of flavorful fried garlic oil (ma-yu) Serving Regular | Small

Tan Tan Mien
23 users liked this dish

Another favorite, this ramen is made with pure sesame broth and topped with minced pork, sesame seeds, green vegetables, spring onions, spicy oil (la-yu) and fried garlic oil (ma-yu). If you love sesame, this is the bowl for you! Serving Regular | Small

Chicken Karaage
9 users liked this dish

Japanese-style boneless fried chicken. This bestselling appetizer has received many compliments, but the favorite will always be: This is not fried chicken. This is karaage! Serving Single | Family

Hokkaido Miso Ramen
9 users liked this dish

Blended with special Hokkaido Miso, this very flavorful ramen is topped with minced pork, chicken or pork chashu, mixed vegetables, bamboo shoots (menma), spring onions, and fried garlic oil (ma-yu) Serving Regular | Small

Pork Chashu
9 users liked this dish

Braised Pork (90g)

Bamboo Shoots
7 users liked this dish


Ajitsuke Tamago
6 users liked this dish

Molten Lava Egg

Hokkaido Spicy Miso Ramen
6 users liked this dish

For the customers that need more spice, this version of Hokkaido miso ramen is made using a spicy miso base and topped with chopped pork chashu, mixed vegetables, bamboo shoots, spring onions and spicy oil. Serving Regular | Small

Shoyu Tsukemen
6 users liked this dish

Tsukemen noodles with a bowl of soy-sauce based clear soup topped with your choice of chicken or pork chashu, bamboo shoots (menma) and spring onions. This classic tsukemen is a great entry dish for first-timers.

Gyoza Set
5 users liked this dish

Includes 1 small Ramen, 5 pcs. Gyoza, and Signature Dessert

Chicken Karaage Rice
4 users liked this dish

The famous karaage set with rice, miso soup and a small salad. It may be your kids' most wanted but they guarantee that there is no age limit to this go-to family favorite, Japanese style!

Chicken Chashu
3 users liked this dish


Hokkaido Spicy Miso Ramen Set
3 users liked this dish
Spicy Paitan Ramen
3 users liked this dish

Reignite your passion for paitan with the Spicy Paitan Ramen Serving Regular | Small

Chicken Karaage Set
2 users liked this dish

Includes 1 small Ramen, 3 pcs. Karaage, and Signature Dessert

Dried Seaweed
2 users liked this dish

6 pcs.

Hokkaido Miso Ramen Set
2 users liked this dish
Iced Tea
2 users liked this dish
Mixed Vegetables
2 users liked this dish


Pork Chashu Rice
2 users liked this dish

For pork chashu lovers, they now offer grilled pork chashu chops, dried seaweed and molten lava egg (ajitsuke tamago), topped on a bowl of their Japanese rice. Also available in a small size to accompany your ramen! Serving Small

Ban Ban Ji
1 user liked this dish

The famous soft and tender chicken chashu topped on a salad with sesame dressing. Go ahead and try it, you won't regret it.

Green Vegetables
1 user liked this dish

Pechay (80g)

Hiyashi Ramen
1 user liked this dish

Cold ramen. For those seeking a more refreshing experience, the Hiyashi Ramen is topped with your choice of sliced chashu (chicken or pork), bamboo shoots, dried seaweed, green vegetables, bonito flakes, spring onions and an onsen tamago Serving Regular | Small

Hiyashi Ramen Set
1 user liked this dish
Love their Paitan Zenbu no se
1 user liked this dish
Mabo Tofu Tsukemen
1 user liked this dish

A unique tsukemen experience! The tsukemen noodles go perfectly with a bowl of original sweet and spicy version of Mabo Tofu. This is a must-try dish and will leave you craving for more. For a change, they also offer Mabo Tofu with rice.

Paitan Ramen Set
1 user liked this dish
Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se was awesome! One of the best of your taste is really into these hybrid ramen vs. authentic ones.
1 user liked this dish
Paitan Tsukemen
1 user liked this dish

Tsukemen noodles with a bowl of original tsukemen Paitan soup topped with your choice of chicken or pork chashu, bamboo shoots (menma) and spring onions. They suggest ordering some rice to the soup if you have some left over!

Solid ramen, I
1 user liked this dish
Solid ramen, I'll definitely eat Paitan Ramen even if it is 100 degrees outside!
1 user liked this dish
Tan Men
1 user liked this dish

The Tan Men is one of Japan's most classic comfort foods. With its light sesame taste, thinly sliced meat and hefty vegetables, this salt-based clear soup ramen will leave you feeling satisfied and guilt-free Serving Regular | Small

Almond Jelly
Asahi Super Dry
Chahan Set

Includes 1 small Ramen, a bowl of Chahan Rice, and Signature Dessert (add |

Chicken Saboro Don

Minced chicken cooked in sweet soy sauce on Japanese rice, topped with an onsen tamago. Saborodon makes for a perfect midday snack or side-bowl to accompany your ramen.

Chintan Ramen - Shio/Shoyu

Chintan ramen is a salt or soy sauce-based clear soup ramen topped with your choice of chicken or pork chashu, bamboo shoots (menma), green vegetables and spring onions. Light yet satisfying, this is the fundamental bowl of ramen. Serving Regular | Small

Chintan Ramen Set
Coconut Pudding with Matcha and Azuki
Fruit Juice
Hitachino Nest White Ale

The popular Beijing jaja cold noodle dish is given their touch. The delicious tsukemen is topped with the savory goodness their sweet minced pork sauce, onsen tamago, and spring onions

Kirin Ichiban
Mabo Tofu Rice

You requested for it and they listened! This menu add-on came to be when they got wind of how their Mabo Tofu would also be perfect with rice - enjoy! Now available with miso soup, and a small chicken chashu salad.

Mineral Water

Deemed as the guilt-free Katsudon, Oyakodon is working its way up the ladder to becoming a new best seller. If you're a lost rice lover in a ramen restaurant, this is the dish for you.

Paitan Zenbu no Se Set
Pork Chashu Rice Set

Includes 1 small Ramen, a bowl of Pork Chashu Rice, and Signature Dessert (add |

San Miguel Light
San Miguel Pale Pilsen
Soy Bean Ramen

The healthiest creation yet. High in calcium, low in cholesterol, and high in amino acids, this unique ramen is the perfect dish for any diet. Serving Regular | Small

Spicy Chintan Ramen

A new twist to classic shoyu ramen Serving Regular | Small

Spicy Paitan Zenbu no Se

Can't decide between the paitan and the spicy miso? Have the best of both worlds with the Spicy Paitan Zenbu no Se.

Tan Men Set
Tan Tan Mien Set


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