SM Megamall, Basement Level, Building A | EDSA cor Julia Vargas Ave , Mandaluyong , Luzon, Philippines (25 branches)
in Mandaluyong Metro Manila Luzon
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Menu Best Dishes

Salmon Sashimi
39 users liked this dish
Ebi Tempura
32 users liked this dish
Chicken Teriyaki
29 users liked this dish
Crunchy Tuna
27 users liked this dish
26 users liked this dish
Spicy Tuna Salad
26 users liked this dish
Spicy Caravan
22 users liked this dish
California Maki Roll
20 users liked this dish
Ebi Tempura (5pcs)
17 users liked this dish
16 users liked this dish
15 users liked this dish
14 users liked this dish
13 users liked this dish
Beef Teppan
11 users liked this dish

U.S. Tenderloin 150g

Dynamite Roll
10 users liked this dish
Cheese Fried Maki
9 users liked this dish
9 users liked this dish
Spicy Tuna
9 users liked this dish
9 users liked this dish

Sukiyaki is a dish of soup and stew type that is prepared and served in the nabemono style. Consists mainly of meat, it is slowly cooked or simmered at the table with vegetables and other ingredients.

Agedashi Tofu
7 users liked this dish

Deep fried soft Tofu in sweet Shoyu sauce. Topped with Oroshi and Katsuboshi

Beef Teppan U.S Tenderloin (150g)
7 users liked this dish
Steamed or Fried Gyoza
7 users liked this dish

Pork or chicken

Tofu Miso Soup
7 users liked this dish
Tofu Steak
7 users liked this dish

Deep fried breaded hard Tofu.Served with Beef and vegetables

Buta Kakuni (Tonkutsu Ramen)
6 users liked this dish
Crunchy Tuna Roll
6 users liked this dish
Japanese Fried Rice
6 users liked this dish

Serving Per cup | Bowl

Amazing Kani
5 users liked this dish
California Maki
5 users liked this dish
5 users liked this dish

Japanese Dumplings. Choice of either Tori or Buta

Japanese Fried Rice Bowl
5 users liked this dish
5 users liked this dish
Sukiyaki (Yushu Noodles)
5 users liked this dish
Tempura Ramen
5 users liked this dish
5 users liked this dish
Chicken Teppan
4 users liked this dish
Spider Roll
4 users liked this dish

Cucumber, mango and softshell crab. Topped with black sesame seeds

California Roll
3 users liked this dish
Chicken Teriyak
3 users liked this dish
Crunchy Kani
3 users liked this dish
Las Vegas
3 users liked this dish
Red Iced Tea
3 users liked this dish

Per glass

Seafood Ramen
3 users liked this dish
Steak Combo
3 users liked this dish

U.S. Tenderloin steak

The Arena
3 users liked this dish

The Arena (served with gyoza, beef yakitori, oyster teppan, mixed tempura, chicken teriyaki, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, yasaitame, Japanese fried rice) 1,288

Tuna Sashimi
3 users liked this dish
Assorted Sashimi
2 users liked this dish
Assorted Sushi
2 users liked this dish

Nigiri Sushi of Tuna, Salmon, Ebi, Uni, Ika,Tako and Tamago

Bacon Dory
2 users liked this dish
Beef Gyudon
2 users liked this dish
Black Dragon
2 users liked this dish
Grilled Salmon
2 users liked this dish
Happy Birthday Noodles
2 users liked this dish
Katsudon (Pork Loin)
2 users liked this dish
Katsudon (Pork Tenderloin)
2 users liked this dish
Las Vegas Roll
2 users liked this dish
Seafood Yakisoba
2 users liked this dish
2 users liked this dish
1 user liked this dish

, Availabile fromMondays-Thursdays except holidays

Bacon Asparagus
1 user liked this dish
Bacon Kani
1 user liked this dish
Beef Niku Udon
1 user liked this dish
Black Dragon Roll
1 user liked this dish
Buta Kakuni
1 user liked this dish
Chasyu Ramen
1 user liked this dish
Chawan Mushi
1 user liked this dish

Japanese savory egg custard topped with Tori, Ebi,Kani and Shitake.

Chicken Combo
1 user liked this dish

Served with either Salad, Miso Soup, California Roll, Japanese Fried Rice with choices of: Ebi Teppan, Salmon or Tempura

Crunchy Kani Roll
1 user liked this dish
Daimos Burger
1 user liked this dish
Dragon Roll
1 user liked this dish
Grape Shake
1 user liked this dish
Green Mango Shake
1 user liked this dish
Grilled Gindara
1 user liked this dish
Grilled Salmon Belly
1 user liked this dish

Flavored with Teriyaki sauce.

Gyoza (Steamed / Fried)
1 user liked this dish
I love sumosa,
1 user liked this dish
Japanese Carbonara
1 user liked this dish
Nabeyaki Udon
1 user liked this dish
New York Fried Maki
1 user liked this dish
Salmon Miso
1 user liked this dish
Sizzling Beef
1 user liked this dish
Sizzling Chicken
1 user liked this dish
Squid Karaage
1 user liked this dish
Tempura Age
1 user liked this dish
Tempura Banana
1 user liked this dish
Tempura Banana Split
1 user liked this dish
The Tournament
1 user liked this dish

The Tournament (served with House salad, oyster teppan, beef teppan, venetian rolls, California roll, chicken yakitori, ika fry, bacon asparagus & fried rice) 1,288

Tori Kawayaki
1 user liked this dish
1 user liked this dish
Vegetable Kakiage
1 user liked this dish

Variety of thinly sliced vegetables with Ebi and Ika

Wagyu Bacon Rice
1 user liked this dish
Ala Carte

Beef Misono, Mixed Tempura, Tonkatsu/Torikatsu, Chicken Teriyaki served with Tofu Miso Soup and Iced Tea

All Meat Fried Rice
Amazing Kani Roll
Asahi Beer
Assorted Vegetable Tempura

Shitake, Green Bell Pepper, Sweet Potato, Eggplant,Okra, Onion and Carrots

Bacon Enoki
Bacon Enoki Tempura
Bacon Spinach Oyster
Beef Asparagus
Beef Curry
Beef Curry Don
Beef Curry Plate
Beef Enoki
Beef Misono Bento
Beef Teppan Bento
Beef Yakiniku Don

Stir-Fried U.S Beef Tenderloin

Beef Yakitori
Blue Iced Tea


Blue Lemonade

Serving Bottomless | Pitcher

Buta Kakuni Ramen
California Maki Salad
California Salad
Canned Drinks
Chashu Ramen

Braised Buta Ramen

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossoms


Chicken and Fries
Chicken Bamboo Shoot Don
Chicken Karaage
Chicken Tempura
Chicken Teppan Don
Chicken Teriyaki and Mango
Chicken Teriyaki Bento
Chicken Teriyaki Don
Chicken Teriyaki Donburi
Chicken Teriyaki Plate
Chicken Teriyaki Roll
Chicken Teriyaki Salad
Chicken Yakitori
Chirashi Don

Japanese rice topped with Tuna, Salmon, Ebi, Ika, Tako and Tamago.

Chisau Rice
Choco Godzilla
Choco Milkshake
Crunchy Squid Teriyaki
Cucumber Lime


Daimos California

Kani and onion rings

Dalandan Shake
Dory Teppan
Ebi Aunori Pasta
Ebi Kakiage
Ebi Teppan
Ebi Teppan/Ebi Teriyaki
Ebi Teriyaki
Edamame Gyoza
Fresh Fruit Platter

A platter of fresh and seasonal fruits.

Fresh Lemonade
Fried Calamari Udon
Fried Ebi Yasi
Garlic Rice
Ginza Tendon
Grape Juice
Green Chicken
Green Iced Tea


Grendizer Burger
Grilled Bacon Asparagus
Grilled Bacon Dori
Grilled Bacon Kani
Grilled U.S. Rib Eye


Group Bento

Any combination of Mixed Tempura, Torikatsu/Tonkatsu, Beef Misono and Chicken Teriyaki served with 4 Miso Soup, 4 Gohan and 4 Bottomless Iced Tea comes with Yasai Itame and Sashimi

Gyoza Sampler
Gyoza Soup
Hire/ Tenderloin
House Blend
House Blend Iced Tea


Japanese Fried Rice (Bowl)
Japanese Fried Rice (Cup)
Kani and Cheese
Kani Nori Cheese Tempura
Kani Nori Tempura
Kani Pomelo Salad
Kani Sashimi
Kani Tempura
Katsudon - Hire/ Tenderloin
Katsudon - Hire/Tenderloin
Katsudon - Rosu/ Porkloin
Katsudon - Rosu/Porkloin
Kirin Beer
Kisu Tempura
Kurobota Set
Kurobuta/ Pork
Lamb Kebab on Stick
Macha Panna Cota

Green Tea custard dessert toppedwith vanilla ice cream and wafer

Mango Flambe
Mango Jubilee
Mango juice

Wafu katsu curry

Mazinger Z

Chili and jalapenos

Mekenda California
Minced Pork Chili Soba
Mineral Water
Mixed Tempura

Ebi, Kisu, Kani, Dory, Sweet Potato,Eggplant and Okra

Mixed Tempura Don

, Availabile fromMondays-Thursdays except holidays

Miyuki's Feast

Japanese fried rice, salmon and tuna sashimi, salmon nikkihana, bacon oyster, mixed tempura, beef teppan, tofu, chicken teriyaki and California roll

Mt. Fuji Steak
Mushroom Lingune
Mushroom Yakisoba
Niku Udon
Omure Rice
Orange Juice
Osuyaki Beef Roll
Oyster and Fries
Oyster Teppan

with Ponzu sauce

Pacific Dory Steak
Pacific Dory Steak with Lemon Butter Miso
Pepper Crusted Rib Eye
Philadelphia Roll
Pineapple Juice
Pineapple Shake
Pork Kimchi
Pork Kimchi Bowl
Pork Loin Set
Pork Tenderloin Set
Pork Yakitori
Rainbow Roll
Red Sun Rice
Ripe Mango Shake
Rock and Roll

Wafu with mushroom gravy

Rosu/ Porkloin
Salmon and Jaw Head Kabutoni
Salmon Belly
Salmon Ebiko Don
Salmon Jaw and Head
Salmon Jaw and Head Kabutoni
Salmon Jaw and Head Shioyaki
Salmon Johen Miso Soup
Salmon Nikki Hanna
Salmon Tartar Fry
Salmon Wasabi Cream
San Mig Light
San Mig Pale Pilsen
Sausage Yakisoba
Seafood Curry Don
Seafood Omelette Rice
Seafood Teppan Platter
Seafood Yakiudon
Seared Salmon and Tuna Roll
Seasonal Fruit Platter
Sesame Chicken

Sweet and spicy Stir-Fried Noodles


Flavor Ripe Mango | Green Mango | Dalandan | Watermelon | Pineapple | Grape


Wafu steak with Japanese gravy

Shrimp Enoki
Sizzling Brownie Ala Mode
Sizzling Kani
Sizzling Salmon
Sizzling Seafood
Sizzling U.S. Beef
Smoked Salmon Roll
Soft Shell Tendon

Drink Coke/ Coke Light Sprite/ Sprite Light Royal Sarsi

Spicy Rock Shrimp Tempura
Spicy Shiitake
Spicy Shiritake
Spicy Tuna Tacos
Squid Head Karaage
Steak Combo (150g)
Steamed/ Fried Gyoza

Pork or chicken

Strawberry Milkshake
Suimono (Kani Soup
Suimono (Kani Soup)
Sukiyaki Noodle
Sumo Hot Prawn Salad
SumoSam Roll
SumoSam's Pride

Grilled Ebi, Candied Walnut, Lettuce and Mangoes

SumoSam's Pride Salad
SumoSam’s Pride
Sweet Rock Shrimp Tempura
Tekka Don

Japanese rice topped with Tuna

Tekka Maki
Tempura Bento
Tempura Soba
Tempura Udon
Tofu Chop Chop
Tokyo Tendon
Tonkatsu Bento
Tonkatsu Bento (Pork Loin)
Tonkatsu Bento (Pork Tenderloin)
Tonkatsu/ Torikatsu Curry
Tonkatsu/ Torikatsu Curry Ramen
Tonkatsu/Torikatsu Curry
Tonkatsu/Torikatsu Curry Ramen
Tonkotsu Ramen

Broth cooked slowly for 48 hours.Choice of either Shoyu, Miso or Shio soup base

Tori Chizu

, Availabile fromMondays-Thursdays except holidays


Wafu with wasabi cream

U.S. Ribeye Choice


U.S. Wagyu Bacon Rice

Serving Cup | Bowl (Good for 3)

U.S. Wagyu Rice

Serving Cup | Bowl (Good for 3)

U.S. Wagyu Teppan

Per 100g


Wafu curry

Unagi Don
Unagi Tendon
Unagi Teriyaki
Uni Fried Maki
Uni Sashimi
Uni Sushi
Uzuyaki Beef Roll

Beef Roll stued with Shitake, Enoki,Garlic and Spring Onion. Served withPonzu sauce

Vanilla Milkshake
Vegetable Ramen
Vegetables Kakiage
Victory Float
Wagyu Ramen
Wagyu Rice
Wagyu Slammer

Served with Japanese fried rice amd 3 pcs. of California Rolls Serving 100g | 150g

Wagyu Teppan
Watermelon Juice
Watermelon Shake
Yakinori Crepe
Yakinori Matcha Crepe
Yakitori Platter
Yakitori Sampler


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