Rai Rai Ken

Rai Rai Ken  |  Unit 213, 2nd Floor, SM City | Ecoland , Davao City , Mindanao 6000 , Philippines
Rai Rai Ken  |  Village Square Harrison Plaza Complex, Ground Floor | Vito Cruz Cor. Mabini St., Malate, Metro Manila , Luzon, Philippines
Rai Rai Ken  |  2nd Floor, Limketkai Mall , Cagayan de Oro , Mindanao, Philippines
Rai Rai Ken  |  AF 18 Robinsons Dumaguete, Calindagan District , Dumaguete City , Negros Oriental 6200 , Philippines
Rai-Rai Ken  |  SM Megamall Bldg B , Manila , Luzon, Philippines

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Menu Best Dishes

California Maki
8 users liked this dish
Chicken Teriyaki
8 users liked this dish

Grilled chicken with special teriyaki sauce

Super California Maki
8 users liked this dish

With Salmon Salad toppings Serving 4 pcs. | 8 pcs.

7 users liked this dish

Japanese pork dumplings Serving 3 pcs. | 6 pcs.

5 users liked this dish

Batchoy style ramen topped with pork liver, pork and chicken chicharon and sliced chasyu with naruto in shio soup

Salmon Sashimi
4 users liked this dish

Serving Half | Whole

Chicken Teriyaki Don
3 users liked this dish

Grilled chicken in special teriayaki sauce topped on rice

Ebi Tempura
3 users liked this dish

Tiger prawn in crispy batter Serving 3 pcs. | 5 pcs.

Kani Salad
3 users liked this dish
Chicken Teriyaki Bento
2 users liked this dish

Chicken in teriyaki sauce with shrimp tempura, miso soup and vegetable sidings

Garlic Chili
2 users liked this dish

Ramen with ground pork, garlic, mushrooms and shrimp in shoyu soy sauce based soup

2 users liked this dish

Thin sliced of beef with special sauce topped on rice

Mixed Seafoods Furai
2 users liked this dish

Mixed seafoods with bread crumbs

3 Kinds Bento
1 user liked this dish

Beef, mixed seafoods and shrimp tempura

Agedashi Tofu
1 user liked this dish

Deep fried tofu in tempura sauce dip

1 user liked this dish

Breaded pork with egg and onion topped on rice

Saikoro Beef Teppan
1 user liked this dish

Sizzling tenderloin beef

Salmon Balls
1 user liked this dish

Salmon with potato

Seafoods Bento
1 user liked this dish

Mixed seafoods, tuna sashimi and shrimp tempura

Sharks Fin
1 user liked this dish

Ramen with shark's fin, chicken meat, and mushrooms in sticky white soup

1 user liked this dish

Clear soup ramen. Ramen seasoned with salt, with their special broth soup topped with roast pork and egg

Tantanmen - Spicy Ramen
1 user liked this dish

Ramen in a reddish, spicy chili miso based soup with mixed vegetables and pork

Tuna Sashimi
1 user liked this dish

Serving Half | Whole

Age Tofu Tepan

Deep fried tofu with chicken

Atsuyaki Tofu

Fried tofu with ground pork and chili sauce Serving 3 pcs. | 6 pcs.

Beef Yakiniku

Ramen topped with beef yakiniku, garlic in shoyu soy sauce based soup

Beef Yakiniku Teppan

Thinly sliced beef with special yakiniku sauce

Chaysu - Roast Pork

Soy sauce shoyu based soup with slices of roast pork, menma and egg

Gohan Rice

Plain Japanese rice

Gomoku - Mixed Seafoods

Mixed seafoods ramen with mixed vegetables topped with egg and sliced chasyu

Gomoku Chahan

Mixed seafoods fried rice

Gomoku Chahan Platter

Mixed seafoods fried rice platter

Green Tea
Iced Tea

Serving Regular | Big


Flavor Mango Pineapple Four Seasons Calamansi


Ramen with mixed vegetables, and mixed seafoods and pork in shoyu soy sauce based soup


Tofu and ground pork. Ramen with soft diced tofu with ground pork, garlic in soy based soup

Mabo Tofu

Tofu, mushroom and ground pork in thick sauce

Mineral Water


Miso - Soybean

Miso based soup with ground pork and beansprout and kikorage

Miso Soup

Soybean paste soup

Mountain Dew
Mug Rootbeer
Rairaiken Bento
Rairaiken Mixed Teppan

Sizzling beef, squid, shrimp and vegetable

Reba Nira Itame
Red Iced Tea

Serving Regular | Big

Sashimi Special
Seafoods Hotpot

Ramen with mixed seafoods, fish cakes, crab sticks, mussels and tofu in sticky soup

Seafoods Hotpot Teppan

Sizzling mixed seafoods


Flavor Mango Green Mango Banana Choco Choco Banana

Softdrinks in Can

Drink Pepsi Regular/ Light/ Max 7-Up

Sushi Special
Uni Sashimi

Fried rice with mixed veggies

Yakimeshi Platter

Fried rice with mixed veggies and bacon


Stir fried egg noodles Serving Regular | Sumo

Yasai Itame

Mixed veggies with pork


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