Red Kimono

Red Kimono  |  The Terraces and Ayala Center , Cebu City 6000 , Philippines
Red Kimono  |  The Terraces and Ayala Center , Cebu City 6000 , Philippines
Red Kimono  |  The Fort Strip | Fort Bonifacio , Taguig City , Luzon, Philippines
Red Kimono  |  Alabang Town Center | Alabang-Zapote Road , Muntinlupa , Luzon, Philippines
Red Kimono  |  Ground Floor, The Promenade | The District Ayala Mall,Daang Hari Road corner Aguinaldo Highway Brgy. Anabu II-E, Imus , Imus , Luzon 4103 , Philippines

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Menu Best Dishes

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Sashimi Maguro - Tuna | Sake - Salmon | Kani - Crab | Ebi - Prawn | Tamago - Egg | Uni - Sea Urchin | Unagi - Eel | Mixed Sashimi Platter

Prawn Tempura
12 users liked this dish

Deep-fried battered prawns

8 users liked this dish

Sushi Maguro - Tuna | Sake - Salmon | Kani - Crab | Ebi - Prawn | Tamago - Egg | Uni - Sea Urchin | Unagi - Eel | Mixed Sushi Platter

Tuna Sashimi Salad
8 users liked this dish

Fresh tuna tossed with Japanese mayo and spices

7 users liked this dish

Pan fried pork dumplings served with a tangy dipping sauce

6 users liked this dish
Red Dragon
5 users liked this dish

Maki rolled with mango, avocado and salmon, topped with kani

Chicken Kamameshi
4 users liked this dish

Chicken Kamameshi- authentic Japanese rice cooked in an iron pot and topped with sweetened chicken. #rkmenu

Chicken Teriyaki
4 users liked this dish

Grilled chicken in their signature teriyaki sauce served with potato hay

Crunchy Tuna
4 users liked this dish

Their signature makis is rolled in tempura flakes then stuffed and topped with tuna with ebiko Japanese mayo

4 users liked this dish
4 users liked this dish

Tender beef with noodles, veggies and tofu in a sweet broth

4 users liked this dish

Deep fried breaded pork cutlets served with garlic butter mashed potatoes

Beef Teppanyaki
3 users liked this dish

Stir fried beef tenderloin with vegetables siding

California Crunch
3 users liked this dish

California maki deep fried to a delicious crisp

Maki Sampler
3 users liked this dish

A platter assorted makis including Crunchy Tuna, Crunchy Ebi, Red Scorpion, Red Monster and Salmon and Cream Cheese Maki

Prawn Tempura Bento
3 users liked this dish
3 users liked this dish

Two skewers of barbequed chicken with yakitori sauce

Beef Teriyaki
2 users liked this dish

Grilled beef tenderloin in teriyaki sauce served with a potato hay

Chicken Teriyaki Bento
2 users liked this dish
Ginger Garlic Steak
2 users liked this dish

Grilled fillet of beef tenderloin with a vegetable siding

Hot Shot Roll
2 users liked this dish

A spicy Mexican inspired roll filled with tuna, jalapeno, creamed cheese, avocado and spring onions

Red Scorpion Maki
2 users liked this dish

Maki rolled with soft shell crab, salmon and scallops-topped with bits of tuna

Veggy Yakitori
2 users liked this dish

Their vegetarian version of the famous yakitori

Kani Tempura
1 user liked this dish

Deep-fried battered crabstick

Kyuri Kani Salad
1 user liked this dish

Crabstick salad with lettuce and cucumber-topped with Japanese mayo, ebiko and nori

Miso Soup
1 user liked this dish

Traditional Japanese soup made from fermented soy bean

Mixed Fried Rice
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Mixed Sushi Platter
1 user liked this dish

Maguro, Sake, Kani, Ebi, Tamago and Unagi

Tempura Ice Cream
1 user liked this dish

One scoop of batter-caoted and fried green tea ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce

1 user liked this dish

Deep fried breaded chicken cutlets served with garlic butter mashed potatoes

Vegetables Mixed Fried Rice
1 user liked this dish

Vegetables mixed fried rice

Wagyu Kyuri Kani Salad
1 user liked this dish

A refreshing salad with iceberg lettuce, cucumber, veggy crab strips and vegetarian mayonnaise

Yasai Itame
1 user liked this dish

Stir fried mixed vegetables

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Banana Katsu

Breaded and fried banana served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Beef Kamameshi
Buko Pandan Special

A refreshing combination of vanilla ice cream, pandan jelly and fresh coconut strips

Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Karaage

Chicken Karaage - Deep fried chicken with wanton crisp and tuna sashimi salad.

Chicken Katsu Curry
Chicken Tempura Roll

Maki rolled with chicken tempura, avocado, lettuce and crabmeat

Chicken Teppanyaki

Stir fried chicken and vegetables

Chicken Yakiniku

Grilled chicken breast in a vine based yakiniku sauce

Chocolate Balls

Kids love these - chewy chocolate and coconut with a soft strawberry center

Cowboy Roll

Maki stuffed with jalapeno and other goodies then rolled in bits of sirloin steak

Crabstick Rolls

With wasabi mayonnaise

Crispy Cream Dory
Crispy Pork Wasabi
Crispy Prawn and Dilis Maki
Crunchy Ebi

Their signature makis is rolled in tempura flakes then stuffed and topped with ebi with ebiko and Japanese mayo

Crunchy Veggie Maki

A crunchy vegetarian sushi dish filled and topped with mock prawn salad

Dynamite Maki

An explosion of flavors in roll filled with crabmeat, scallops and eel-spiked with Tabasco

Ebi Shots
Egg and Vegetable Fried Rice
Fiery Scallops
Fillet of Cream Dory

Grilled to perfection and served with sauteed and garlic butter mashed potatoes

Gindara with Sweet Miso

Grilled black cod with sweet miso sauce


Steamed white rice

Green Tea Halo-Halo

A local favorite with a Japanese twist

Green Tea Ice Cream
Grilled Miso Chicken

Served with a siding of cucumber salad

Healthy Veggie Maki
Japanese Seafood Chowder

Japanese Seafood Chowder - Shrimps,crabsticks,squid and bits of nori in a creamy seafood stock...Highly recommended for seafood lovers!

Jumbo Tofu Roll

Vegetables fritters

Kani Shots
Layered Spinach and Tofu

With sweet miso paste

Mango and Green Tea Panna Cota
Mixed Kamameshi

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients. It is famous in Osaka.

Oriental Soba Noodles

Pan fried soba nooldes with chicken and veggies served in a delicious crispy shell

Pork Ribs Teriyaki

Grilled pork in teriyaki sauce served with a potato hay

Prawn Teppanyaki

Stir fried prawns and vegetables

Red Monster

Unagi - eel lovers will never fear this monster with prawn and kani as a bonus

Salmon and Cream Cheese Maki
Salmon Teriyaki

Salmon Teriyaki - Seared salmon in teriyaki sauce with tofu salad.

Sauteed Spinach

With sesame seed dressing

Sesame - Vanilla
Shiitake Mushrooms Teppanyaki
Sirloin Steak Rolls

Beef roll stuffed with shiitake and oyster mushrooms drizzled with their signature teriyaki sauce

Sizzling Tofu Steak

With asparagus and shiitake mushrooms

Special Maki Sampler
Spicy Salmon Crunch
Spider Roll

A wonderful combination of texture and flavor-deep fried soft shell crab rolled in maki

Sushi Bar Basics

Sushi Bar California Maki | Tempura Maki | Futo Maki | Tekka Maki - Tuna | Spicy Tekka Maki

Tofu Agadeshi

Batter fried tofu with agedashi sauce

Tuna Shots
Tuna Tartar
Vanilla Ice Cram
Vegetable Katsu Curry

Assorted batter fried vegetables and tofu served with Japanese white rice

Vegetables Tempura

Deep fried battered vegetables

Vegetarian Layered Spinach and Tofu

With sweet miso paste

Vegetarian Miso Soup
Vegetarian Oriental Soba Noodles

Pan-fried soba noodles with assorted vegetables and served in a crispy basket

Vegetarian Spicy Eggplant

In miso sauce

Vegetarian Tofu Agadeshi

Batter fried tofu agadeshi sauce

Veggie Surprise
Veggy Teppanyaki

Chunks of spicy mock chicken served on a sizzling plate with assorted vegetables

Wasabi Oyster Tempura

Mouth-watering oysters cooked tempura style and topped with a divine teriyaki mayo dressing - A must try!


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