Enchanted Kingdom

San Lorenzo Road | Beside Ciudad de San Jose , Santa Rosa , Luzon 4026 , Philippines
in Santa Rosa Calabarzon Region Luzon

Enchanted Kingdom abbreviated as EK is a theme park in the Philippines. It is located in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, about 39 kilometers (24 mi) from Manila. It has a land area of 17 hectares (41 acres). The park is managed and operated by ... See more
Map of Enchanted Kingdom

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Best Features

Space Shuttle
35 users liked this feature

Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster

Rio Grande
31 users liked this feature

River rafting ride

15 users liked this feature
Anchors Away
12 users liked this feature

pirate ship ride

Jungle Log Jam
9 users liked this feature

Log flumes

8 users liked this feature
6 users liked this feature

Simulator Ride

4 users liked this feature
Flying Fiesta
3 users liked this feature

Wave Swinger

Roller Skater
3 users liked this feature

Vekoma Junior Coaster

2 users liked this feature

Boulderville has a prehistoric theme with dinosaurs as main characters. There are rides that are designed for children, two examples are Petreefied House and Rock Quarry. Puppet shows and dinosaur mascots are mostly found in this area.

EKstreme Tower Ride
2 users liked this feature

drop tower

Swan Lake
2 users liked this feature
4D Discovery Theater
1 user liked this feature

4-D film Theater

1 user liked this feature
1 user liked this feature
Air Pterodactyl
1 user liked this feature
Boulderville Express
1 user liked this feature

train ride

Brooklyn Place
1 user liked this feature

Brooklyn Place is a theater and shopping zone designed after 1940s Brooklyn, New York where slapstick comedies and silent movies are reminisced.

1 user liked this feature
Disc O Magic
1 user liked this feature
1 user liked this dish
1 user liked this feature

bumper cars

Jungle Outpost
1 user liked this feature

The Jungle Outpost offers a jungle adventure. It was designed after the Amazon jungle. There is a calm ride, Swan Lake, and some other rides like the Jungle Log Jam, a Log Flume attraction that slides rapidly from a tall slide.

Kart Trak
1 user liked this feature

Kart racing

Midway Boardwalk
1 user liked this feature

The Midway Boardwalk is colorful and carefree zone inspired by in Coney Island, known as "America's Playground" in the 1930s. There are other attractions found around the place, mostly including mimes, clowns and jugglers.

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Portabello is a replica of Portobelo, a place in Panama in the Caribbean Sea where the riches of the Incas were shipped by the Spaniards. It features treasures hidden by the Spanish sailors. Portabello hosts the Rio Grande — the largest attraction found in the park. Other attractions in Enchanted Kingdom’s Portabello are the Flying Fiesta, giant swing ride, Xtreme Paintball, Portabello Show, and 4D Discovery Theater.

Up, Up and Away
1 user liked this feature

balloon ride

Victoria Park
1 user liked this feature

The Victoria Park is inspired by architectural style that flourished during Queen Victoria's rule of England. There are entertainers and mascots in this area of the park. Among these is the wizard Eldar, the mascot of Enchanted Kingdom.

Wheel of Fate
1 user liked this feature

a 40-metre (130 ft) tall Ferris wheel with 36 passenger gondolas, each able to carry six passengers, and providing views of the whole park.

Xtreme Paintball
1 user liked this feature
Air Race 6.4

Pandamonium (ride)

Amazon Hoops
Bouncing Boulders
Bouncing Boulders Mini Drop Tower

drop tower

Broadway and Brooklyn shows
Bumbling Boulders


Bump N' Splash
Eldar's Tent
Jr. Kart Trak

Kiddie Kart racing

Laser Mission
Launch Time
Midway Games
Pagpag- Siyam na Buhay

Haunted attraction

Parade at the Cobblestone street
Petreefied House
Rock Quarry
Shake, Rattle and Roll - The Experience

Haunted attraction


The Spaceport is inspired by sci-fi films and the NASA space program of the 1960s. Notably, an 11-story ride, Space Shuttle, stands out in the park, it is the first shuttle coaster in the Philippines.

Steeplechase Arcade

arcade game

Stone Eggs

kiddie Ferris wheel

Tropics Trading Post


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Map of Enchanted Kingdom

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