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Merchants: Reach Millions of Online Shoppers

  • No set-up or membership fees to join the community
  • Dynamic related content and smart recommendations for all digital channels
  • Quick integration via affiliate marketing platforms which guarantee ROI on your digital marketing budget
  • Customize discounts based on margins
  • Be promoted in Multiple Channels of Rewards Partners
  • Website
  • App
  • Newsletter
  • SMS/Viber
  • Social Media
  • Some partnered merchants:

E-Commerce Enablers*: Engage Your Audience More

  • Provide year-round promos and rewards from hundreds of partnered merchants for free and hassle-free.​
  • Easy white-labeled rewards and recommendation service deployment.
  • Personalized content for your website, mobile app, social media, newsletters, and messaging channels.
  • Patent-pending integrated cashback or rewards service.
  • Sample Deloyments:
  • *Credit and Debit Card Issuers, E-Wallets, Loyalty Programs, Media Sites, and Logistics Companies

Increase Usage Of Your Platform Or Be Promoted To Millions Of Online Shoppers Now!

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Why Partner With FindShare?

FindShare is a top white label cashback rewards program and personalized recommendation platform in the Philippines that provides cost-effective solutions for companies to engage current and potential clients to maximize business.

We provide solutions that offer tools based on big data, data mining, metadata generation, affiliate marketing, and deep learning algorithms. Our platforms, such as personalized recommendation and affiliate network marketing programs, guarantee ROI on the merchants’ digital spend. With the reach of millions of online shoppers, FindShare is the top affiliate marketing provider in the Philippines that you would want to partner with. Not only do our solutions increase the online revenues of our partners, but they also address the pain points that are usually experienced in rewards programs and affiliate marketing.

With FindShare experts in the information technology industry, the technicalities and execution of campaigns are done efficiently.  Our solutions allow companies to leverage internal and publicly available information to increase business at a rate significantly lower than traditional digital marketing channels.

FindShare recommendations get 5% to 15% click-through rates, 20% to 200% website traffic increase, over 50% drop in website bounce rates, two times improvement in organic social media reach, and up to 3 times newsletter signup increase for its customers. FindShare platform users observe a dramatic increase in new customer leads and customer engagement.

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