Asya Premier Suites

Sitio Cagban | Barangay Manoc-Manoc , Aklan Province 5608 , Philippines Hotel amenities
in Boracay Visayas

In one of the world’s most popular destinations lies hidden a resort that has preserved the sense of seclusion and romance of an island steeped in legend. This fabled island is the Boracay beach of the Philippines. On a ... See more
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Best Features

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Staff were all accommodating and made it appoint to address all your needs. Once you are there, you wont think of leaving anymore as you can dine and relax in the entire resort.

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Be lulled by the sound of running water as you come closer and closer to the heart of Asya Premier Suites Boracay. Discover refreshing peace in the waters of our Pool. Marvel at the pure genius of its artistic landscaping and overall holistic design. Swim, float in the reflection of an open sky. Lounge about in perfect laziness before slipping into the cocktail hour and joining the Boracay beach night life.

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Located off the coast of Aklan in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines, discover the world-famous island of Boracay. Multi-awarded as one of the top five best beaches in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine and Trip Advisor in 2011, Boracay is a premier destination for all beach and sun lovers. Boracay has many other attractions: shopping, its local cuisine, and an exciting night life with a variety of bars and night clubs.

Premier Suite
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Tastefully done in a minimalist tropical style, the Premier Suite is approximately 110 sqm in size. Each suite comes with a spacious private veranda. Enjoy the sunset and the seascape from your own hidden corner. The ante room is accented with wood and rattan furniture and soft, large cushions. Each luxury suite offers an exquisite bathroom with a European size standalone bathtub and a separate shower. The bedroom comes with a cushy oversized bed, perfect for lounging about the whole day. Separate air-conditioners throughout the suite allow you the option of having both cold and fresh air.

Presidential Suite
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The Presidential Suite offers the best view in the entire beach resort. Look out across the sands of Boracay beach as the sunset bathes the island in a sea of color. The Presidential Suite comes with a king-sized bed in a luxuriously appointed bedroom. It has an extravagantly spacious bath tub and shower area, spacious stylish interiors for intimate entertainment, a private pool set in a lush, verdant garden, and a veranda overlooking the spectacular sunsets of Boracay. The Presidential Suite of Asya, this is Boracay at its most luxurious.

Palay Restaurant
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Named after the humble rice grain, Palay Restaurant celebrates freshness and simplicity, two of the most overlooked secrets behind every great dish, be it Filipino or international. A beach restaurant like no other, Palay is a perfect venue for private dinners and family celebrations, corporate events and wedding receptions. Dine in style with a fabulous seaside view and sumptuous world-class cuisine. We have on board our own chef known for his superb beach cuisine.

Adlaw Bar
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From the Visayan word “sun”, the Adlaw Bar offers a wide selection of drinks, from tropical cocktails to an extensive wine list and other premium beverages.

Fitness Room

Run. Pump some iron. Spin. Stretch. Get physical and work that body in the air-conditioned comfort of our Fitness Room.

Garden Villa

The Asya Garden Villa Suite comes with a living room, kitchen and powder room complete with all the amenities that will make your stay comfortable. Each suite has one king size bed. You can definitely relax and dine in the comfort of your own room. For a truly first class holiday pleasure, enjoy a dip in your own private pool.

Kamilig Function Room

Bright, spacious function room, with views of the lush garden from every corner. Ideal for meetings and corporate events, a room that can be transformed to suit any function and need. Conduct business if you wish in the relaxing interiors of Kamalig. Kamalig can become an elegant setting for formal company dinners, small weddings and other intimate celebrations.


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Map of Asya Premier Suites

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